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Aimco Speaks Up About Its Lawsuit Against Airbnb

Lawsuit Against Airbnb

Aimco Executive Vice President of Operations Keith Kimmel recently spoke to NAA about its lawsuit filed in California and Florida state courts seeking monetary damages as well as court orders preventing Airbnb, Inc. from assisting Aimco residents to breach their leases in order to sublet their apartments.

“We have always been concerned about Airbnb’s role in promoting breaches of our lease agreements,” Kimmel says. “Our full-time residents have become quite concerned as well, and began to complain about the intrusive and disrespectful behavior of short-term guests who were treating our properties like hotels. We are taking action on behalf of our full-time, lawful residents who have been negatively impacted by Airbnb guests. Our full-time, lawful residents are very pleased that Aimco is taking action to stop Airbnb from participating in the violation of our lease agreements.”

Kimmel says Aimco has taken several steps to make residents aware that subletting is a lease violation.

“There is specific language in our lease agreement to address this issue, and we have sent communications to all Aimco residents regarding the illegality of entering into short-term rental arrangements. We also have encouraged residents to report to us any short-term rental activity that is occurring at their communities.”

Kimmel adds, that “following applicable state law, our community teams provide a warning to our residents just as they would when any term of our lease is violated. If a resident does not cease the short-term rental activity, they receive an eviction notice.”

Following are details from some specific complaints made in the lawsuits:

  •  A group of individuals engaged in a short-term Airbnb lease returned at approximately 3 a.m. One member of the group apparently got lost, and began banging on a resident’s door. When that resident answered the door, the short-term lessee ran away. Meanwhile, at the same time, the other members of the party became involved in a physical altercation, which required that Plaintiffs’ security personnel contact the police.
  •  A single mother complained about an individual illicitly leasing an apartment through an Airbnb guest being too noisy. The individual followed and harassed the resident, and Plaintiff’s courtesy patrol was required to escort her to her car to ensure her safety.

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