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Affiliate Spotlight: Joe Puckett, Washington Multi-Family Housing Association

Joe Puckett

Joe Puckett has served as the Government Affairs Director for the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA) since its inception 10 years ago. He is the recipient of the association’s first Lifetime Achievement award. NAA caught up with Joe and discussed legislative priorities, the biggest threats he sees to the industry and what he does in his down time.

NAA: What are WMFHA’s state legislative priorities in 2015?

JP: Preventing harmful legislation such as rent control, mandating portable screening reports and any issue concerning tax on rental income.

NAA: What are WMFHA’s local legislative/regulatory priorities for 2015?  

JP: Working with Seattle to permit lender inspections as satisfying the new inspection requirements.

NAA: What is the most challenging aspect of your job and what is the most rewarding aspect of it? 

JP: Most challenging: convincing legislators that property owners are good people.  Most rewarding: doing something that I truly enjoy – working for people who want to provide quality housing for their residents.

NAA: What are the top three issues that association members consistently throw at you?  

JP: 1.Why don’t we get any respect from legislators?  2.  Why do tenant advocates continue to bring up the same issues over and over again?  3.  Are there any Democrats that you like?

 NAA: What do you think are the biggest threats to the industry?  

JP: Too much regulation.

NAA: What is your current “hot” project?

JP: Rent control.

NAA: What is your favorite political movie?  

JP: All the President’s Men.

NAA: What is your favorite non-political movie?  

JP: I love musicals so I would say Les Miserables and Mama Mia.

NAA: What do you do during your down time?  

JP: Reading, traveling and playing golf.

NAA: Where did you go to school?  

JP: University of Puget Sound for undergraduate and Willamette University College of Law for law school.

NAA: What was your first job?  

JP: My very first job was delivering papers.  My first professional job was as a law clerk to Justice Charles Stafford of the Washington Supreme court

NAA: What is your favorite restaurant?  

JP: A great Seattle icon – Canlis.

NAA: What is on your bucket list?  

JP: A trip to China and to St. Petersburg, Russia.

NAA: Is there anything else about your job, association or personal bit of information that you would like your colleagues across the country to know about?  

JP: Representing property owners is a challenge that should be welcomed with open arms and an open mind.