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Achieving Better Performance at Your Student Community

By Todd Usher

By following these simple steps, you can get better performance from your team.

People are one of the greatest assets, and challenges, of the rental housing industry. Kara Price, Owner of Experiment Learning & Talent Development, and Lindsey Palmer, Regional Manager for Horizon Realty Advisors, shared their advice for elevating the performance of your team, including part timers and short timers during their session at CampusConnex in Orlando.

According to Palmer, it is important be approachable and available to your team. Make sure to schedule one-on-one time, or if you have a team of 30, make sure your direct reports schedule time with them so that you can understand their strengths and weaknesses.

“Build the job around them and their strengths rather than the job description,” she said.

Palmer also said managers need to appreciate demands outside of work whether it is school or children. It allows you to get to know your team on a more personal level. “If we appreciate what is going on in their life, they’ll have a higher appreciation for you,” Palmer said.

And of course, create a culture. Palmer’s company, Horizon, has a budget for monthly team building activities, which increase employee engagement and encourage team building.

Price also said that it is important to be optimistic, “in order to make yours a workplace that people are going stick around, make it as fun as you possibly can.”

And one of the most important things a manager must do is be willing to address poor performance.

“When you let poor performers slide, your high performers resent you for that,” Price said. “Higher performers are watching you, and they know.

Price told attendees to address low performers, talk to managers, and let them know standards have not lowered.

“We’re not willing to tolerate turkeys, only eagles.” Price said.

Turkeys are low performers and eagles are high performing employees. “Do not lower your standards no matter what is going on in the job market,” Price said.

Price and Palmer’s told attendees to ask, who is on my team, who do I want on my team, who do I need to get on my team, and who on my team is a turkey?

“Your team performance, property performance, company performance, is a direct reflection on you,” Palmer said. “If your team goes from a really poor performer to a really high performer, that reflects on you. When your team performs better, it makes your job a whole lot easier.”