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‘Crazy’ Predictions for SEO In 2017

When it comes to predicting SEO trends for 2017, hard-working apartment marketers would benefit more from daring predictions than simply acknowledging that “mobile will be big” and “user experience” is important.

“Crazier” predictions, as such, come from online marketing guru Larry Kim, who offers nine through the WordStream blog. Among them is that “we’ll experience the biggest rankings shift in the history of Google and no one will notice.” He adds that Google will kill organic positions 6 through 10, local SEO will matter no more and SEO will be more valuable than ever.

Apartment marketers suggest the No. 1 thing missing from these predictions is anticipated in growth in voice searches. These would be voice-activated searches, typically coming from either Siri or personal assistants such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. According to Google, 20 percent of searches on its mobile app and on Android devices are via voice—and that doesn’t include the Amazon or Google device statistics.