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7 Drivers of the Business Intelligence and Analytics Market

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Digested from Information Management

Organizations are increasingly investing in business intelligence and data analytics software. The market for such products is predicted to grow 7.3 percent this year compared with last year, according to data trends firm Gartner.

Gartner sees seven factors that are increasingly driving this growing market.

  1. Enterprise-level tools, as opposed to departmental ones, will dominate new purchases.
  2. New data analytics firms—and more established but adaptive firms—are pushing new products with smart data discovery capabilities, machine learning and analytics workflow automation.
  3. Businesses understand the importance of trusted datasets and data preparation.
  4. The ability to embed and extend analytics content will drive greater adoption of data analytics tools.  
  5. More organizations will want a single platform that combines real-time events and streaming data with other data.
  6. Organizations are beginning to see the benefits of cloud deployments of business intelligence and analytics platforms.
  7. Organizations now have an active marketplace where they can buy and sell analytic capabilities.

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