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5 Ways Today’s Marketers Are Flexing Their Creative Chops

Creative Marketers

Digested from Harvard Business Review

Marketing creativity today is not just about creating a catchy slogans and great visuals—it also requires a mastery of data analytics, customer experience and product design.

Harvard Business review asked a group of senior marketing executives what marketing creativity looks like these days, and these five themes emerged.

1. Take into account customer experiences. Marketers at the financial software company Intuit, worked with their self-employed customers to find out the pain points in expense tracking. When tracking gas and mileage emerged as a problem, they developed a new app feature to make it much easier.

2. Focus on the end-to-end experience. The full customer experience includes not just the product but also the the buying process, product support and customer relationships over time. The marketing team at health care provider Kaiser Permanente developed a welcome program for new members. The program helps members use the online member portal, where they can email their doctor, refill prescriptions, make appointments and more. About 60 percent of new members registered for the portal within the first six months, and they were more than twice as likely to stay with Kaiser Permanente after two years.

3. Make everyone an advocate. Baby food provider Plum Organics gives each employee business cards that include coupons. While in a store, employees are encouraged to ask people shopping for baby products about their baby food preferences. As a thank you for speaking to them, the employees give the consumers the coupons.  

4. Bring creativity to measurement. Marketers at Cisco can track sales in real-time across digital initiatives, geographies, channels and individual pieces of content. On a weekly basis, the leadership team evaluates what’s working (and not) and adjusts.

5. Think like an entrepreneur. Marketers are adopting the business practices of entrepreneurs and start-ups, such as lean startup and agile development.

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