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5 Fresh, Fun Marketing Ideas

Fun Marketing Ideas

After a few years in the apartment industry, coming up with unique marketing ideas feels like brainstorming new date spots. There’s dinner and drinks and the movies…and then what?

While we can’t improve your love life, we can solve some of your marketing woes. During an education session at the 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition in February, student housing’s top marketers shared some of their most effective leasing tips and tricks for motivating staff and attracting residents...

Following are five:

1. Google Hangout Games. Play games on your weekly team calls by inviting those who have met their leasing goals and weekly objectives to participate. When is the last time you were excited for a conference call? This is a great team motivator.

Also consider utilizing your property software during weekly leasing and marketing calls. During your next call, randomly select a property and play a sales call. If you’d consider the call a success, the person involved receives instant gratification—whether that’s a gift card or an afternoon off. By notifying your team in advance of the game, they’re more likely to improve their phone techniques beforehand.

2. Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Your residents are your greatest marketers, and some of their most powerful testimonies come when they feel like they are part of your community, and not just another rent check.

Show five residents’ pictures from their social media profiles at each team meeting and ask your leasing agents to write the names down on the resident match sheet. The staff member with the most names right wins. Pushing for a more personal relationship with residents and encouraging staff to learn everyone’s name makes a huge difference in marketing.

3. Incentivize Your Residents. Discover your advocates with gamification marketing and get them to talk about your community online in exchange for reward points. On average, four out of five students have a good experience at their apartment. While upwards of 70 percent say they are willing to share their positive experiences online and write a review, less than 10 percent actually do it.

Engage your residents through a point-based system that encourages them to take pictures of the property, refer friends, write reviews, complete surveys, renew leases and promote the apartment community through social media.

4. Jump on the Serial Bandwagon. Thanks to the likes of Serial and This American Life, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular—especially among Millennials. While many of these big-name podcasts are heavily produced, you can still create your own rather podcast inexpensively with a decent recording equipment package for around $100.

Podcasts could be a cool, unique way of reaching your residents and prospects as each new podcast from a series is highlighted in some way on most podcasts’ app (most will even send a notification). Since podcasts are an open source technology, anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can listen in on any device.

5. Hit the Spot(ify). Set up playlists for different amenities—Poolside Jam, Get My Fit On, Soothing Study, etc.—and offer your residents Spotify subscriptions. Creating custom playlists that they can access will reinforce your brand and image.

For more tips from the session, “Fifty #Superfresh Ideas for Leadership, Team Motivation, Marketing & Leasing,” as well as 15 additional PowerPoint-synced audio sessions, visit Rewind.

By Lauren Boston, NAA Staff Writer & Manager, Public Relations