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4 Ways to Reach New Residents

Reach New Residents

Digested from Multi-Housing News

Artificial Intelligence is only one of the major marketing tools that can help apartment operators attract new residents.

With today’s technology, future residents do not even need to wait for a building to be completed before taking a tour. Artificial Intelligence allows developers and apartment managers to build out entire spaces in virtual reality.

“Virtual reality technology now allows prospective residents the option of viewing what their potential unit will look like, even walking from room to room or touring the common areas,” writes Multi-Housing News’ IvyLee Rosario.

If you want to provide more immediate content to consumers, Rosario recommends live video. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter all offer live streaming, which provides many options.

Social media “takeovers,” where a company takes control of a partner’s page and shares news, updates, tours and community content are another way to broaden your audience.

Finally, there is the old-fashioned written word.

“Blogging is a growing trend in the recent generations, being a convenient way to share instant experiences and opinions,” Rosario wrote. “By researching the demographics in a specific area, operators can easily find influential bloggers in the area to write about a community.”

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