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4 Traits Driving Property Manager Success

Digested from Honest Buildings

It used to be that property managers just needed to have good people skills. That’s still important, but today the job also requires technological know-how and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Here are four traits of today’s successful property managers, according to Riggs Kubiak, CEO of the project management and procurement platform company Honest Buildings.

  • They see themselves as building CEO. Successful property managers are curious about how to improve operations and they take steps to do so.
  • They build systems. Good property managers build systems that transcend their time with the company, helping the next person in the role quickly get up to speed.
  • They work efficiently. And they share their productivity tips with other team members.
  • They propose new solutions. Especially as technology becomes a bigger part of property management, there are new opportunities to improve performance. Top-notch property managers are interested in knowing more about these solutions.

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