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4 Steps to Winter Storm Emergency Preparedness

Winter Storm Emergency Preparedness

Digested from “Ice Storm 2016: Inclement Weather Preparedness”
Yardi Corporate Blog (1/6/16) Rascón, Eric

Winter weather predictions can be tricky, but you never want to be unprepared. Here are four steps to ensure your apartment community will remain safe for residents and staff members, no matter what type of inclement weather blows your way:

1. Have your equipment ready. Planning ahead is the best thing apartment community owners and managers can do to prepare for winter. Check to make sure you have all the right tools (think snow blowers and shovels) — and that they are in working order — and place orders in advance for products such as ice melt. 

2. Develop an emergency plan. Don’t wait until inclement weather hits to figure out whether or not your staff should go home. Preset parameters will help minimize the amount of panic around potentially bad storms and ensure your employees’ safety.

3. Maintain your backup generator. Regularly check your generator, even without the threat of an imminent storm, to make sure it’s in good working condition. This includes checking the battery, oil and radiator water levels.

4. Create emergency preparedness kits. Bottled water, a first-aid kit and snacks should be readily available in the event of a winter storm.

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