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4 Basic Tips for Mastering Apartment-Community Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words — and that couldn’t be truer than when marketing a community to prospective residents. 

Ideally, a professional photographer should be hired to take property shots, but if time and budgets don’t allow for professional assistance, use these tips from Class A Management, courtesy of Multifamily Insiders, to take beautiful and compelling photos of any space.

Master the lighting. Good lighting — which may be a combination of natural and artificial lighting — is essential to a great photograph. Avoid taking photographs on dark, dreary days and bright, sunny days. Neither provides ideal lighting for community shots.

Depict an inviting atmosphere. Keep furniture, artwork and textiles in the space, but avoid making it appear too cluttered.

Incorporate color. Use color to highlight certain aspects of the apartment community and to add interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Don’t go overboard with touch-ups. Avoid adding deceptive elements to photographs. It’s okay to use photo-editing tools to play with a photograph’s color and tone, but avoid making it look like an entirely different space.

Effective property photography should make a space feel appealing and highlight all of its features.