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3 Ways to Smooth Out the Leasing Process

Leasing Process

Digested from AppFolio

Maximizing your digital ad spend is only one way that property managers can improve the leasing process this year.

As the apartment market tightens, property managers need to search for new ways to secure leases.

Writing for AppFolio, Elizabeth Millar argues that managers need to start by maximizing their ad spend to generate interest and educate their teams about the importance of online reputation.

“Make sure all Web content is optimized for mobile and follows SEO standards to attract those Google bots that put you at the top of the search page,” Millar writes. “Explore 3D tech and virtual reality marketing solutions to elevate the customer experience.”

Millar says 24/7 engagement can also set your community ahead. While smart-home features, such as keyless locks, can offer around-the-clock control, there are other steps managers can take if you do not have the budget to make those investments.

“Streamline maintenance protocol to ensure the fastest service possible by using voice-activated service requests, online portals and text updates,” Millar writes. “Redesign your renewal process with a focus on instant access. Make it rewarding and simple for tenants to renew their lease online, whenever and wherever they choose.”

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