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2019 Income & Expenses Survey

Help the rental housing industry by participating in the 2019 NAA Survey of Income & Expenses

The NAA Income & Expenses Survey (IES) is the most comprehensive look at the rental housing operations data available, allowing you to make the best budgeting and forecasting decisions for next year.

Your company’s participation is crucial to keeping it the most valuable financial and budgeting benchmark tool in the industry!

Best of all? All participating companies will receive a free copy of the final report (up to $1,050 value), which contains:

  • Apartment market trends which may impact your properties
  • Fresh figures your staff needs to prepare for budgeting and forecasting
  • Data for market-rate, subsidized and student housing properties
  • Detailed local market (for more than 90 single markets) and national economic analysis
  • Facts that will help you compare your communities’ performance against your peers

To participate:

  • Contact Janet Gora of CEL & Associates via email or at (310) 207-7328 to determine the best response method for your company–via our secure survey website or using our designated Excel file to download data directly from your internal data systems.
  • If your company has previously participated, be sure to contact Janet Gora before you get started, as she can assist in pre-loading base property data.
  • Please use the following access code: NAAIES2019def

Participate Today!
The deadline for participation is May 16.

If you missed last year’s 2018 NAA Survey of Income & Expenses, you can view or purchase your copy today.

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