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Get Fit in 2015 With Updated Fitness Centers

community’s fitness center

As residents ramp up their New Year’s health and wellness resolutions, now is a good time to take a closer look at your community’s fitness center.

High-quality amenities are a key selling tool for apartment communities. They can also be instrumental in retaining existing residents, especially when they pertain to ongoing needs and interests, such as fitness and well-being. 

Now that New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, communities with fitness centers should take a closer look at the number of residents using the facilities. If few are using the centers, consider the following steps toward improvements: 

Make It Interactive

Fitness centers can be an attractive feature for potential renters as a less expensive, more convenient alternative to a gym membership. But simply having an onsite center available may not be enough to entice residents to use it. Consider hosting classes or contests to motivate residents to exercise regularly and take advantage of the equipment available to them. 

Update Equipment

Stay on top of fitness trends to make sure the equipment in the fitness center matches residents’ interests and goals. According to and the American College of Sports Medicine, 2015 fitness trends to consider include: 

• Body-weight training, which won’t require any special equipment — the person’s body serves as the weights — but may require additional space and floor padding for stretching, jumping, etc.

• Strength training, which will require free weights and weight machines 

• Core training, for which residents will need items such as wobble boards and exercise balls to strengthen their core muscles

 Also consider hiring a certified trainer. Personal training sessions provide a great way to educate residents about the available equipment if they’re unsure how to use it.