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10 Things About Creating a Sense of Community

By Brooke Bansal,, Dayrise Residential

Although our person-to-person interactions have been limited during the pandemic, we can still work together to ensure healthy relationships with our residents.

1. Be transparent.

Now more than ever, residents need information and support. Clearly letting them know the steps you are taking to ensure their well-being will be appreciated. Keep them updated by sending announcements that detail how your company will be reinstating in-person interactions, the process for reopening your office and amenity spaces, and amenity cleaning schedules. It’s also good to post signs about changes in capacity regarding shared spaces.

2. Celebrate good times.

Connect with your residents by recognizing joyful moments. Gift cards, cookie deliveries or special shout-outs can brighten someone’s day.

3. Host food and supply drives.

Provide a location where residents can donate food and supplies. Look to partner with local charities to help raise awareness and provide support.

4. Be a resource.

Offer guidance to residents in financial need by providing a list of national and local rental-assistance programs.

5. Host social-distanced resident events.

Resident events can still occur even while social-distancing. Outdoor spaces can allow for groups of residents to get out of the apartment. Offer clear instructions and measures to promote their well-being. Events such as hosting a food truck or compiling a community-wide recipe book will let residents interact while keeping a safe distance.

6. Service with a personal touch.

Find time to call all of your residents to check on them and see if you can be of any assistance. This will allow the office staff to build relationships — and trust — with residents. And it’s important to contact residents for reasons other than just the rent.

7. Create contests for residents.

Help beat cabin fever by offering fun contests for your residents to engage in. Events such as scavenger hunts, a patio-decorating contest or the best-dressed pet can create excitement around your community.

8. Interact with residents virtually.

Create a social media presence that encourages resident interaction. Not only will this allow your community to come together, but it will also show prospective residents what life at your apartment community is all about.

9. Ask for feedback.

Survey residents to understand what your community is doing well and what improvements you could make. Be open to implementing changes that benefit the community.

10. Establish a partnership.

Remind residents that they are your top priority. Show that you are willing to work with them to fulfill your duties as a landlord. Showing that you are working hard on their behalf will pay dividends.