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“My RPM Story” – Lara Anderson

RPM Career

By Lara Anderson

I never expected to work in the RPM industry. I moved around a lot in my early career, and RPM luckily fell into my lap. My first job out of college was doing marketing and recreation programming in St. Louis, Mo. From there, I had a brief stint in magazine advertising, and then I changed courses to teach college tennis programs. While searching for yet another new apartment, I came across a recommended property. Before I knew it, I had a job as a leasing agent.

It took about a year of being a leasing agent before I realized this wasn’t just a job, but a career. My days of career transitioning were officially over the day I was promoted to a regional marketing position. My RPM career has allowed me to use both sides of my brain – I am very creative, but I have a need for order. I realized I’d found the perfect career for me. I was promoted to a regional marketing position and haven’t looked back since.

My job as the regional marketing manager is to manage our leasing and marketing programs within the portfolio of communities. In my position, I conduct ongoing data analysis and personnel training, as well as assist the regional vice president in their ongoing tasks. These could include helping on-site, watching RPM trends and providing recommendations, and assisting with client relations and property transitions. When you are in the marketing component of property management, your duties will vary. My favorite part of my position is to work on staff initiatives impacting internal relations and company culture.

I am an RPM Careers ambassador to help cultivate the industry’s future leaders. I always strive to be my best and only hope that if someone out there is like me and wants guidance, that I can give back to the greater good and help them on their path.

If you know someone who would make a great RPM Careers ambassador, email Sarah Levine.