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NAA Anonymous Mental Health Survey

Mental and emotional health have always been important topics, but they have become even more so due to the challenges we all have been facing during the pandemic. 

We are excited to announce that NAA and its Mental Health Subcommittee are conducting an anonymous, two-minute, employee mental and emotional health survey.  NAA has partnered with Swift Bunny, an independent, third-party, employee feedback provider and NAA member, to assist with the study.  We will be reaching out to our contacts at all management company members to ask that they participate in this national survey, which is anonymous, easy to execute, and complimentary.

The pressures on rental-housing team members have increased significantly over the last 18 months. This study is intended to identify issues regarding employees’ wellbeing, how mental and emotional health might be impacting work and personal lives, work-related stress levels, and the support employers are offering to their teams.  The goal is to increase awareness of the challenges employees face and provide resources to help companies enhance the level of support they offer. 

The resulting report will be shared with NAA members, and the findings will be presented via webinar.  In addition, NAA is exploring options for providing practical resources for its members. 

Please email James Campbell if leadership at your management company is interested in participating in this complimentary survey