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Mobile Live-Streaming Comes to YouTube

Digested from “YouTube adds mobile live-streaming to catch up to Facebook, Periscope” from Marketing Land (6/23/2016) by Peterson, Tim

In an attempt to keep up with competitors, YouTube’s live-streaming channel is going to mobile.

While the channel has existed since 2011, the program was neither easy to use nor mobile-accessible, unlike competitors Facebook Live and Periscope.

Hoping to take back the video-sharing industry, YouTube has announced its new mobile, live-streaming app, with promises of superiority over the other such apps.

During a demonstration at recent digital video event VidCon, users were able to live stream videos and then create a title and a thumbnail picture for display on the app. While the video was streaming, comments scrolled along the side of the screen, allowing the user to respond.
While the program seems similar to Facebook Live and Periscope, the team behind it claims YouTube mobile live-streaming will be a much more rewarding and pleasant experience.

It will be “faster and more reliable than anything else out there,” according to Kurt Wilms, YouTube’s product lead for immersive experiences.

The app’s launch date has not been announced, but certain popular channels on YouTube are able to take advantage of the program, according to The Verge.

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