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NAA Member Savings Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAA Member Savings Program?

NAA Member Savings Progra is a premier cost-saving program available exclusively to NAA members. It provides valuable insider access to volume-based discounts and other favorable terms on products and services provided by thoroughly researched and vetted Preferred Companies.

How does NAA select Preferred Companies?

NAA has a formal process for the selection of our Preferred Companies and the products they offer. All products and services are thoroughly researched and vetted and have proven to be:

  • relevant to the needs of NAA members
  • to deliver significant value
  • to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Who is eligible to join the NAA Member Savings Program?

All NAA members are eligible to access the benefits. There is no charge to access the benefits of NAA Member Savings. It is an exclusive benefit of your NAA membership.​​

How do I enroll?

Each Preferred Company's program is unique and has it own set of enrollment requirements. You will find step-by-step directions for each Company—along with any specific codes required. You will also find a toll-free telephone number for each company in the event you need additional help.

How do I receive my savings?

Again, Preferred Companies vary in terms of how you will receive your savings. Specifics are provided on each Company's web page.

As a supplier, how do I join NAA Member Savings Program?

Review and download the Request for Information document and submit your request to [email protected].

Request for Information