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Measuring Your Social Media Success

Digested from “5 Tools to Measure Social Media ROI” in Social Media Examiner (6/23/2016) by Gotter, Ana

Many brands and businesses are aware of the power of social media, and the apartment industry is no exception. However, live streaming an event on Facebook or starting a discussion on Twitter is only helpful if it is attracting attention and if you can measure and analyze your content performance so you can optimize your social media strategy.

Plenty of tools can help organizations measure the return on investment (ROI) of their campaigns.

Tools like Kissmetrics are useful for those who wish to study their visitors’ behavior and better understand their motives. The program anonymously tracks visitors, reporting when individuals view a campaign, what they interact with and when they leave. Users can also see which social media channel an individual is coming from, whether Facebook, Pinterest or another network.

While understanding one’s audience is useful to keep them engaged, focusing on new members also is crucial.

Programs like Customer Lifetime Value Calculator help users understand the cost of pursuing “different customer groups.” This helps companies determine where best to focus their time and resources.
Cyfe is one of many programs that let users see where and how your content is shared. This will help marketers determine if it makes more sense to send an email or create a series of gripping tweets.

The digital age of marketing emphasizes the phrase “knowledge is power,” a saying property manager must remember when designing their next online campaigns.

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