2015 Maintenance Mania® National Championship Results

Below are the times for the overall winners, as well as the top times for each individual game.

Overall Winners:

First Place

Anthony Infussi with a total time of: 1:16.295

Second Place

Lannon Quintana with a total time of: 1:20.459

Third Place

Joel Martinez with a total time of: 1:23.272


Individual Game Winners:

AO Smith Water Heater Installation 

Angel Munoz with a time of: 0:07.90

CFG Faucet Installation

Mike Schaffer with a time of: 0:11.50

Fluidmaster Dou Flush Toilet Conversion

Jimmy Garcia with a time of: 0:13.25

Frigidaire Icemaker Installation

Lannon Quintana with a time of: 0:05.08

Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation

Jimmy Garcia with a time of: 0:05.58

Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Test

Tony Infussi with a time of: 0:09.75

Seasons Ceiling Fan Assembly

Joel Martinez with a time of: 0:11.25

Motorola Race Car Competition

Nick Williams with a time of: 0:04.320

Congratulations again to all of our winners!

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