Lunch Program Returns to Local Community

June 7, 2022 |

Updated June 7, 2022

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Envolve returned to El Paso for its Resident Lunch Program.

Envolve LLC continues to help its local communities and neighborhoods. The affordable housing owner and manager returned to El Paso, Texas, for its Resident Lunch Program. Envolve previously held the program in El Paso earlier in March.

All residents of Envolve’s Elvin Estates received lunches on March 29. Envolve manages the community for Housing Opportunity Management Enterprises (HOME), El Paso’s public housing authority—the largest in the state.

“The Envolve Resident Lunch Program was designed as a way to actively demonstrate our company tagline of ‘Making Communities Better Together,’” said Judith Estrada, Senior Regional VP with Envolve, in a release. “Its perks are twofold—our residents get to enjoy a delicious lunch, and our local community benefits from our patronage of a small business. We try to seize any opportunity to give back to the city of El Paso.”

Meals came from locally owned Leo’s Mexican Food—residents had the choice of tacos, rice, beans and more to go with sopapillas for dessert. “Leo’s is very popular for their great Mexican food,” said Jose Cabriales, Community Manager of Elvin Estates, in the release. “They were founded in 1946 by Leo Collins and the business has been passed down from generation to generation.”