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Benefits of Using the NAA Click & Lease Program

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  • Reduced Risk – Protect your community against changing state laws.  
  • Enhance Flexibility – Customizable lease forms for company specific initiatives and/or policies.  
  • Maximize ROI – NAA invests in its members to fund activities that bolster the industry and increase member’s bottom line.
  • Gain Influence – Join the collective power of a national association and give a voice to the industry.



  • Web-based: Multi-user platform that integrates with existing property management software
  • Administrative profile settings allow for company over-site on a local, regional or national level
  • Default settings for recurring items and charges
  • Pre-populate other forms in lease package with information provided on the main lease
  • Built-in mathematical calculations for charges and rent amounts
  • Error checking functionality – inconsistent lease terms and invalid dates
  • Track lease stage and generate expiration reports with reminder prompt
  • Set up lease database for each community in your portfolio that holds information
  • Online rental application
  • Built-in counter that tracks printing of lease forms
  • Many free addendum


Forms for Free


Forms for a Fee

  • Federally Required Renovation Notice of Lead Hazard Information
  • No-Smoking Addendum
  • Lease Addendum for Intrusion Alarms
  • Remote Control, Card or Code Access Gate Addendum
  • Satellite Dish and Antenna Addendum
  • Enclosed Garage, Carport, Storage Unit Addendum
  • Lease Buy-out Agreement
  • Lease Addendum for Rent Concession or other Discounts
  • Liability Insurance Addendum
  • Community Policies
  • Renter’s Liability Insurance Addendum
  • Apartment Lease / Student Housing Lease
  • Animal Addendum
  • Inventory & Condition Form
  • Lead Hazard
  • Mold Addendum
  • Rental Application
  • Lease Contract Guaranty
  • Asbestos Addendum
  • Supplemental Rental Application for Non-U.S. citizens
  • Lease Addendum for Affordable Housing Program
  • Supplemental Rental Application for Affordable Housing Program
  • Amendment to Add or Change a Roommate
  • All In One Utility Addendum
  • Per-Person Rental of Dwelling Addendum