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Apartments Contribute $1.1 Trillion to National Economy

Despite the worst economy in a generation, the contributions of multifamily rental housing to national, state and local economies have remained a positive, lasting power. Research to quantify apartments’ important and sustained economic contributions is now available at a new website to promote the industry:  

The combined spending by the apartment industry and its residents generated an economic contribution of $1.1 trillion to the national economy in 2011. 

With this information, industry stakeholders and federal, state and local officials can better estimate the substantial, sustained contribution apartments make to their communities and the nation as a whole.

The website features an interactive map that allows you to view, download and print the economic impact of apartments in all 50 states plus the 12 metro areas studied. 

It also showcases ACE, the Apartment Community Estimator. This calculator allows users to enter the number of apartment homes of an existing or proposed community to determine the potential economic impact within a particular state.
The release of the industry's economic impact and launch of the joint website kick off NAA and NMHC’s major national public relations campaign in 2013.  The campaign's goal is to ease the legislative and regulatory environment for our industry by communicating apartments’ many benefits to Americans and to the communities in which they live. (interactive industry website)