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MULTIFAMILY HOUSING: The Essential Industry Text

Announcing MULTIFAMILY HOUSING: The Essential Industry Text

 multifamily housing 


MULTIFAMILY HOUSING: The Essential Industry Text, has been developed as a definitive reference and interactive guide aimed at expanding the knowledge of multifamily professionals and as a complement to “on-the-job” experience for investors, developers, owners, managers, consultants and suppliers. As college students consider the apartment industry as a viable career option or choose to earn degrees in property management or real estate, this text offers a single source with “best practices,” uniform guidelines and standardized operational procedures, complete with a comprehensive glossary and industry terminology.

You may order your e-book for $99.99 through the following vendors (Amazon, Apple iBook Store).  Click on the preferred vendor to order your e-Book.



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Textbook Chapters

Chapter 1 - Introduction: What is Multifamily Housing?
Chapter 2 - Investing in Multifamily
Chapter 3 - Financing
Chapter 4 - Development
Chapter 5 - Management and Operations
Chapter 6 - Marketing and Leasing
Chapter 7 - Legal and Risk Management
Chapter 8 - Leadership / Business Ethics / Professional Affiliations
Chapter 9 - Case Studies
Chapter 10 - Industry Resources

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