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NAA Salutes, Celebrates Veterans in Honor of Memorial Day

This Memorial Day as the nation honors the service and sacrifices of our U.S. military veterans, NAA highlights the contributions veterans are making within the multifamily housing industry.

Veterans are often well suited for careers in the apartment industry because they bring with them a solid work ethic, experience working on a team and the ability to see a task through to completion. All of these skills are not easily taught, but they can be invaluable to an industry such as ours in which each day offers a different set of challenges and the opportunity to serve a wide variety of people. 

Switching Units: Transitioning from the Military to the Apartment Industry

 [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"12606","attributes":{"alt":"Switching Units: Transitioning from the Military to the Apartment Industry","class":"media-image","height":"355","title":"Switching Units: Transitioning from the Military to the Apartment Industry","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"473"}}]]

Watch More Testimonials from Military Veterans Working in the Apartment Industry 

Paragon Award


Michael Markus, a PARAGON of Service 

Read about how the 2014 PARAGON Award Winner for Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician of the Year, Michael Markus' career in the military prepared him for his career in the apartment industry. 

"If I wasn't such a family-oriented individual, I would still be in the military actually. I loved it, and it certainly shaped what I do now. Every aspect of the military is about discipline." Read more



Starting an Industry Career

Residential Property Management (RPM) can be an ideal career field for military veterans and their spouses. Military experience often brings technical and mechanical skills that translate well to careers as maintenance technicians, as well as human resource and operations management capabilities that the job of a community manager demands. And because many service members and their families have experienced frequent moves, as leasing consultants they easily relate to the needs and concerns of potential renters.

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Military Spouse Career Advancement

NAAEI is proud to be an approved participant in the Military Spouce Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Program, a career development and employee assistance program sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). Seven NAAEI designation programs are approved for MyCAA, which provides financial assistance for eligible military spouses' education and training for gainful employment in high demand and portable career fields. Learn more about apartment careers for military spouses.

Privatized Military Housing

NAA represents the nation’s leading firms engaged in the multifamily rental housing industry, and our member companies have participated in the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) since its inception. Learn more about Privatized Military Housing