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Behind the Shift to RPM

NAAEI market research leads to creation of programs to better reach new pools of talent for industry jobs.

NAAEI began work with the Reingold communications and marketing firm in 2013 to conduct research that is being used by NAAEI to expand and modernize the ways in which it markets industry careers and builds new talent pools for industry jobs.

The effort is in response to feedback from members about the types of challenges they face when recruiting new employees. These challenges include creating greater awareness of career opportunities, finding new sources of qualified talent to fill job openings, reducing employee turnover and moving away from the poaching of talent from other companies.

The research consists of three components—a survey of more than 1,300 people, focus groups with college students/recent graduates and industry professionals and in-depth interviews with career changers, veterans and military spouses.

Among the findings from the research:

  • Participants would welcome the opportunity to connect through social media to people working in the industry. 
  • Having a meaningful job that provides an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives is important to most participants. 
  • While most participants use websites to identify and apply for jobs, many prefer a recommendation from someone in the field or someone they know.
  • All research shows “residential property management” is a well-received, even preferred, way to describe the industry.

This research will be used to better market industry careers to college students--a key pool of potential talent.  

All of this work is being supported by the NAAEI NOW campaign, which is raising $7.5 million to meet apartment industry needs in recruiting, training, leadership development, succession and retention of talent. Learn more about the NAAEI Now campaign