How to efficiently boost occupancy with multichannel marketing

Multichannel is a must for properties. A one-platform approach simplifies this strategy.



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The renter journey is largely digital only. Renters often see your listings, website, social media, and more before stepping onsite. This makes it critical for properties to use an integrated multichannel approach to actively engage renters with aligned messaging across digital touchpoints. 

Although this integrated strategy is essential, managing multiple disparate solutions can quickly get overwhelming for property teams. In Rent. research, owners and operators shared that their biggest challenge is managing the sheer volume of marketing tools and tactics. Utilizing one comprehensive marketing channel to manage your message across channels ensures that your marketing team can efficiently deliver an excellent experience for renters.

Even better, a single platform that covers ILS, search, social and other critical channels ensures a consistent experience and message across all channels to help renters feel confident in taking the next step to tour and ultimately sign a lease. 

Integrated marketing increases exposure and drives more leads

When channels work together seamlessly, multichannel marketing also delivers powerful results. Combining listings with search and social advertising, for example, has been found to boost visibility. Internal Rent. data shows that properties yielded 95% more page views when combining RentMarketplace. listings and RentSearch. advertising. Similarly, RentMarketplace. clients brought in 36% more leads when the listings ran in parallel with RentSocial. ads. The RentMarketplace. leads were in addition to the leads brought in from the RentSocial. campaign, making the combination of two channels even more productive.

Marketing solutions that leverage first-party data also allow properties to reach in-market renters who are actively looking for a new place. This means you’re reaching the right renter at the right time and cutting down on time spent managing leads that don’t convert to leases. 

Integrated tactics streamline operations 

One of the biggest benefits of multichannel marketing is efficiency. With integrated tactics that automate repetitive tasks, leasing teams can broaden their reach across a variety of channels without adding additional work for their teams. Look for marketing solutions that integrate with your property management system, ILS content, email service provider, or property site. This can make content creation, audience targeting, campaign deployment, and reporting more seamless across your initiatives. 

It’s critical to use an integrated strategy to stay ahead of competing properties and keep renters interested throughout their search. The Rent. Marketing Platform offers a comprehensive and transformative solution with seamless integration of an Internet Listing Service (ILS), FHA-compliant digital marketing tools, and data analytics. 

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