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Thursday, November 05

Legal Symposium Breakout Sessions
  • Company Killers: Trends in Class Actions Risk Factors and How to Mitigate
    • Topics include fees, utility billing, website ADA compliance, FDCPA, TCPA, unfair/deceptive practices and more.
  • Fees 101: Regulatory Complexities and Affordability Implications
    • This joint Legal/GART session will cover all fee-related issues. From communicating a lease’s upfront costs to a resident’s recurring costs to reconciling their implications on affordability, panelists will dive deep into this area of recent concern.  
Legal Symposium Breakout Sessions
  • Old McDonald Had a Farm: Navigating Emotional Support Animals and the 2020 HUD Guidance
    • On January 28, 2020, HUD released the Assistance Animals Notice.  Come listen to subject matter experts discuss the Notice’s impact on existing guidance, and what, if anything, you should be doing as a result of the new guidance.
  • High Contrast: Website compliance under the ADA and FHA
    • Litigation regarding website compliance under the ADA and FHA is exploding across the apartment industry. Are you next? Learn what you need to know to ensure your compliance.
Legal Symposium Breakout Sessions
  • World Class Compliance Programs
    •  Learn the latest best practices and technologies being employed throughout the industry to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Further, we will discuss the top compliance issues currently confronting the industry.
  • Buried Secrets: Understanding Tenant Screening Laws
    • Screening policies are under regulatory attack at the federal, state, and local levels prompting some apartment companies to ask is screening still worthwhile. You have pressing questions? We have the answers.