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GART Virtual Learning Series

Join us for our bi-monthly Government Affairs Roundtable (GART) Virtual Learning Series  as we explore different COVID-19-related topics in support of the rental housing industry’s advocacy initiatives. If you are a government affairs professional or association staff looking to discuss advocacy strategy, these sessions are for you.

2021 GART Virtual Learning Series Schedule


2020 GART Virtual Learning Series Schedule

  • GART Presents: Crafting a Rental Assistance Program During the COVID-19 Crisis - To kick off the series, we explore how to optimize federal, state and local funding sources and implement a successful rental assistance program in our inaugural session. Featuring: Greg Brown, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, National Apartment Association; Seth D. Appleton, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development & Research, HUD; Hector Morales, Director of Government Relations, San Antonio Apartment Association; Allison Cohen, Government Relations Manager, San Antonio Apartment Association; Paul Smith, Executive Director, Utah Apartment Association. Length: 51 minutes. Released August 26, 2020.
  • GART Presents: Forming Non-Traditional Partnerships During COVID-19 - In the next installment of the GART Virtual Learning Series, we delve into the power of relationships and stakeholder engagement. Housing stability during the ongoing public health crisis is in everyone’s best interest. Learn how government affairs professionals use non-traditional partnerships to help get the rental housing industry’s policy goals over the finish line. Released September 16, 2020
  • GART Presents: Eviction Moratoria, Advocacy Strategies and Insights - Join us for this special, extended installment of the GART Virtual Learning Series for a discussion of advocacy strategies and introduce new NAA research to help you improve the effectiveness of your eviction-related advocacy. If you are a government affairs professional or association staff contemplating the best way to protect the rental housing industry, this session is for you! Released October 15, 2020
  • GART Presents: Overcoming Barriers to Participate in the Section 8 HCV Program - Join us for the fourth installment of the GART Virtual Learning Series as we delve into the barriers to housing provider participation in the HCV program and discuss source of income-related advocacy strategies. If you are a government affairs professional or association staff interested in enhancing your source of income-related advocacy, this session is for you! Released November 11, 2020
  • GART Presents: Advocacy Strategy for Adjusting to Changing Political Dynamics - Join us for the fifth installment of the GART Virtual Learning Series where we help government affairs professionals and association staff gear up for the difficult legsilative sessions that lie ahead in 2021 with expert advice from practitioners operating in the heart of progressive communities. - Release December 18, 2020