NAA Education Institute Program Policies

Revised 1, December 2020

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NAAEI issues an exam eligibility code for each enrolled candidate. These eligibility codes are transferred to the affiliates and/or other sponsors. At the completion of the coursework the affiliate/sponsor is responsible for issuing the candidate their eligibility codes for their online exams. Candidates are required to take the necessary exam at the conclusion of coursework. All exams are proctored, either by the live online proctor, or by a properly qualified proctor in the classroom. Students who fail their exams may attempt a retake. A new eligibility code will be issued to the affiliate for each retake; the retest fee is payable online to Scantron, NAAEI’s exam provider, using a credit card. The retests can be taken until the candidate passes the exam within the allotted enrollment period.

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Exam Accommodations

NAAEI complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, in accommodating candidates with documented disabilities who need special arrangements to take an exam. Reasonable accommodations depend on the nature and severity of the documented disability. A particular accommodation will not be granted if it is not deemed reasonable and other suitable techniques are available. The request must be submitted using the Request for Accommodation Form. The request must include supporting documentation from a physician or other qualified professional reflecting a diagnosis of the disability and an explanation of the accommodation(s). The supporting documentation must be on a physician’s or other professional’s letterhead, specify the professional’s credentials and be signed by the professional. NAAEI will provide reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids and services, except where such may fundamentally alter the exam or results, or results in undue burden. Please forward such requests to Tina Briskin.

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Exam Challenging

Following completion of the exam, candidates may submit, in writing, comments on any exam question(s) they believe contain errors in content, or any other complaints. NAAEI shall review these challenges and respond to the candidate within 30 days; however, NAAEI does NOT manually/artificially change individual’s exam results under any circumstances.

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Exam Scoring and Results

Grade reports (Pass/Fail only) are sent electronically to the education contact of the local affiliate or sponsoring organization contact weekly and are also available online through the Affiliate Exam Dashboard. Departmental staff with access to the database need to use discretion in releasing the information to students and affiliates: first, be sure to verify the identity of the caller, and, second, only disclose pass/fail status, not actual percentage scored correctly on the exam.

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Classroom Attendance

A certificate shall not be issued, and a student should not be able to test, if a student misses more than 25% of any one class.

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An eligible credential candidate has six (6) months to complete all the requirements of the credential. An extension of an additional six (6) months may be granted and requires a candidate to complete a form and pay a fee of $75. Candidates are limited to a maximum of two extensions. If the candidate is unable to complete the program after two years or two extensions, whichever comes first, he or she must retake the entire credential program. Extension fee is $75 per each 6-month extension.

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Provisional Certificates

CALP and CAMT candidates who have not satisfied the industry experience requirement to complete the credential program may apply for a provisional certificate. To qualify, candidates must sit through the course curriculum and pass the exam. Provisional certificate holders may use the credential acronym, followed by “in-training,” and are permitted two (2) years to complete the necessary industry experience requirement before a regular certificate is issued. To report having satisfied the industry experience requirement, provisional credential holders must submit the Employment Verification Form to NAAEI.

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Certificate Use Violation

In instances where it has been determined that an individual falsely claims to hold an NAAEI certificate in good standing, such an individual shall be banned from participation in ANY NAAEI program for at least three (3) years. A comment to this effect shall be added to individual’s record in the database. If no record exists, it shall be added by the staff to ensure preservation of information. If you receive complaints to this effect, please forward to Tina Briskin.

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Payment Policies

Candidates pay NAA affiliates or their workforce program provider directly for the initial program enrollment. Candidates taking the online version of the credential program purchase their courses directly from the Visto site and this fee includes the cost of their credential exam as well. If the exam needs to be retaken, the fees are paid directly to Scantron on their site. Candidates taking National Training pay their registration fees directly to NAAEI.

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Refund Policy

NAAEI does not issue refunds for credential courses.  A company that has paid for an employee to take a course through NAAEI National Training or Visto may, before the start of the course, assign the course to another employee after contacting Elizabeth Zolotukhina.

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Renewal Policy

Each NAAEI credential must be renewed annually. To renew a credential, a credential holder needs to:

  • Log into their dashboard on NAAEI website to initiate the renewal process
  • Submit documentation of all necessary CECs by uploading it through the dashboard
  • Pay the renewal fees as indicated on the invoice

Completion of a renewal entails both payment of the renewal fee, and submission of all required CECs.

Note that CECs will be accepted through dashboard submission or by e-mail. Credential renewal payments are due upon receipt. There is a grace period of three months following the expiration date, when the invoice may still be paid without a reinstatement fee. Reminder e-mails are sent to credential holders monthly for up to three months following the expiration date of the credential. The reinstatement fee is $50 per credential renewed.

Renewal fees are not refundable.

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CEC Submission Requirements

All CECs required for the renewal period should be earned during the certification term plus the grace period following it: a total of 15 months from the day a credential is obtained or the date of a previous renewal. One contact hour or 50 minutes of education programming or instruction (breaks and meals excluded) is equivalent to one CEC. Individuals who hold multiple NAAEI credentials may use the same CECs for renewal of all credentials.

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Acceptable CECs

Attention: Effective 1/1/21, our CEC guidelines are changing. The new requirements identify two categories of CECs:

In-Network Continuing Education Credits which include:

  • NAA Affiliated Apartment Association live or online education courses
  • NAA Apartmentalize or Campus Connex live or recorded conference sessions
  • NAAEI live training and Visto online education
  • Certified Online Education developed by NAA supplier partners, approved by NAAEI and hosted on Visto

Out-of-Network Continuing Education Credits which include:

  • Accredited college or university courses
  • Education programs from national housing organizations (For example: NAHMA or IREM)
  • Courses, seminars, or workshops approved by State Real Estate Boards or Commissions
  • Certified Online Education approved by NAAEI but not hosted on Visto (For example: courses hosted on RealPage and Yardi learning management systems)

The requirements for the number of CECs is as follows:

  • CAM total of 6 CECs, of which- at least 3 CECs from In-Network sources
  • CAPS – total of 6 CECs, of which - at least 3 CECs from In-Network sources
  • NALP – total of 3 CECs, of which- at least 2 CECs from In-Network sources
  • CAS – total of 3 CECs, of which - at least 2 CECs from In-Network sources
  • AIME – total of 3 CECs, of which - at least 2 CECs from In-Network sources

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Emeritus status

Credential holders who are retired and inactive in the apartment industry, or those who have been employed in the rental housing industry for over 25 years and have maintained their credential for over 10 years, may apply for Emeritus status. The form is available online, in the Education section of the website. Credential holders with Emeritus status pay annual dues but are not required to submit CECs with renewal.

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Reinstatement Policy

If renewal fees are unpaid after three months, a second invoice is e-mailed, and a $50 reinstatement fee is added to be paid along with the credential renewal fee. The status of the credential will be changed to SUSPENDED during this time. This certification status will remain for five (5) years unless all fees are paid, at which time the credential is reinstated.

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Expiration policy

If ALL due renewal and reinstatement fees are not received by the fifth anniversary of the certification date, the credential status is changed to EXPIRED. Once that happens, the only way to obtain a reinstatement is to meet all requirements of the program again.

Special exception:

CAPS Direct Program which allows certain candidates to reinstate their credential by ONLY passing the exam (not having to take the training course).

To qualify for CAPS Direct, the candidate must meet any two of the three criteria below:

  • Higher Education – have a bachelor’s or masters’ degree with a major, minor or concentration in property management or real estate
  • Hold a current CPM designation
  • Have over 5 years of experience as a multi-site portfolio supervisor

CAPS Direct candidates pay a special fee of $700.

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Instructors of NAAEI certificate courses should be experienced industry professionals who hold a relevant credential and have significant training experience within their organizations or in the industry. The local affiliate or sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that credible, informed, industry professionals with training experience deliver the NAAEI credential courses.

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Corporate Training

Companies may provide instruction of any NAAEI credential course to their own employees based on the following rules:

  1. Company is an NAA member
  2. Course content is purchased from NAAEI.
  3. All attendees must be employees and the minimum-sized class is 10
  4. Companies must have qualified instructors who conduct training within the company and hold the credential being instructed or a higher credential from NAAEI or IREM.
  5. Companies may not partner with other companies to teach NAAEI certificate programs.

A revenue share is paid to the local affiliate where each in-house student is employed. The revenue is shared once the student has enrolled in the certificate program and NAAEI has been paid in full by the company.

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Sponsoring Organization Certificate Programs

Universities and Community/Technical Colleges may provide instruction of CAMT, NALP and CAM, based on the following rules:

  1. Course content is purchased from NAAEI.
  2. The organization must have a dedicated training department with qualified instructors.
  3. The organization must partner with the local NAA affiliate.

Universities with Property Management degree programs pay a reduced rate for NALP and CAM books, currently $99 and $159 respectively. Students buy their eBooks directly through Viatech. Participating Universities coordinate through Sarah Cozewith, who works with Viatech to set them up to order.

Community colleges and other workforce development partners are offered the affiliate rate, as per an agreement with the local affiliate. There is no revenue share. These organizations do their own book ordering, except where print copy CALP books are needed due to advance purchasing requirements by University of the District of Columbia.

NAAEI has agreements with RPM degree University partners to accept 6 credit hours of internship in property management as meeting the work experience requirement for CALP and CAM.

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Privacy Policy

When disclosing, updating, or discussing personal information over the phone with members, candidates, or certificate holders, NAA or NAAEI staff members must have the caller verify two pieces of information from their account. This information may be identified as one of the following: e-mail address, home address, work address, home phone number, or work phone number. NAA and NAAEI representatives may not issue User IDs, passwords, or grades to anyone who cannot verify information on the account.

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Concerns or complaints regarding course and/or exam content should be directed to the NAAEI Director of Credentialing and Professional Development Programs.

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All Programs’ Requirements at a Glance

Industry Experience Requirement 6 months 12 months 24 months as Multi-site Supervisor or CAM +24 months Must be an industry supplier 12 months N/A
Extension fee 75 75 75 75 75 75
Number of Exam Items 120 150 160 100 100 65
Time allotted for exam 2 hrs 3.5 hrs 4 hrs 2 hrs 2.5 hrs 1.5 hrs
Exam retake fee $60 $100 $100 $60 $55 $60
Credential Renewal Fee $50 $100 $100 $100 No renewal No renewal
Continuing Education Credits (CECs) 3 CECs 6 CECs 6 CECs 3 CECs Not required Not required
Reinstatement Fee (after 90 days) $50 $50 $50 $50 N/A N/A

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