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Residential Property Management Career Launcher

RPM Career Launcher Program

Sometimes great job candidates just need a chance to show what they can do. Now you can help qualified candidates launch a career in residential property management. The RPM Career Launcher program gives participating companies the chance to temporarily hire handpicked candidates who have had initial training using NAAEI’s training modules. The program allows promising job prospects to demonstrate their skills on the job at your company, gaining experience that can lead to a full-time, permanent position.

With the RPM Career Launcher, you can:

  • Meet your current and future staffing needs with a trained and prescreened entry-level employee, without the hassle and expense of recruitment or onboarding.

  • Grow our booming industry with candidates who have a variety of experiences and backgrounds — and a sincere interest in an RPM career.

  • Groom motivated candidates who are already on the path to success and help them hit the ground running.


How It Works:

The RPM Career Launcher finds promising candidates who may be new to the industry and, through staffing partner agencies, places them as temporary employees with companies that appreciate and need candidates with transferable skills. Participating companies can interview prospective candidates to see who has the potential to join their team as a full-time employee. After successfully completing RPM Career Launcher course work, and being selected by a participating company, candidates are deployed to work on-site for up to 10 weeks, receiving biweekly performance reviews. During this time, participating companies will pay the staffing agency directly for the employee’s negotiated wages. Candidate payroll, insurance, and liability responsibilities remain with the staffing agency. At the program’s end, companies can extend an offer for a full-time position at no cost, gaining a new hire who is not only familiar with RPM and the company, but also ready to grow in the industry! Learn More.


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