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ApartmentVision Webinar: Leveraging Your Property's Local Presence on Social Media

What Rental Housing Property Marketers Need to Know!

This webinar will provide insight on the use of social media in the rental housing industry to maximize opportunities available to rental housing property managers/owners. We'll discuss how property management marketers can generate leads, boost awareness and retain residents utilizing localized social marketing.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Why localized social marketing is the most powerful strategy for property marketers
  • Key platforms to utilize
  • How to set up a successful social media strategy and avoid common pitfalls

Date: February 11 at 11 a.m. EST

Price: Free

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This webinar is part of the ApartmentVision webinar series, NAA's free webinar series that provides members the opportunity to learn from industy experts on ways to improve your business and industry expertise.

About the host, Olivia Starr

Olivia StarrOlivia Starr, with SOCi, is a senior marketing professional with the innate ability to truly maximize the ROI of a company’s marketing efforts. Olivia has experience supplying the strategic marketing vision for how a company needs to communicate its brand - both written and visually.

As the senior content marketing manager for SOCi, Olivia has developed and grown the department to help position SOCi as a leader in social media and reputation management for multi-location businesses, but also further the category and conversation surrounding localized social marketing.