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Webinar: Leveraging your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has really changed, and Anne Pryor, a globally-recognized Top 10 LinkedIn Sales Trainer, will share what’s new and what to do now to get known and grow your profile, social connections, apartment community profile and gain new residents. It takes strategy, research, insight, clarity and focus to optimize your social connections on LinkedIn today.

In this session, Anne will share techniques to find and create meaningful connections to grow your personal and apartment community brand. You will learn:

  • How to get your LinkedIn profile noticed and increase your Social Selling Index Score
  • Share thought leadership and engage with members and potential members through hashtags and posts
  • How to use advanced search techniques to find great connections and connect relevantly

Price: $75

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About the host, Anne Pryor, MA

Anne PryorAnne Pryor is a top 10 globally recognized LinkedIn Expert, known as a master at facilitating meaningful connections as a certified Online Visibility Strategist; she specializes in LinkedIn - creating, online strategies, and coaching on thought leadership for c-level executives, business owners, recruiters, sales and marketing executives.  

With her diverse network, Anne helped to generate millions in dollars in sales for employers leveraging LinkedIn. A former executive at Carlson Marketing, she served as Sr. Director of Wellness and Innovation consulting with Fortune 500 clients.