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Creating Meaningful and Sustainable DE&I Programs: Not Just “Checking the Box”

As we continue to have a national discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), it is important that we empathize with those impacted by longstanding harmful policies. In order to make true change, we must focus on creating meaningful and sustainable programs that create lasting changes in our organizational culture. Hosted by Montgomery County Government Diversity and Training Officer, Michelle Lowe, learn how not to just “check the box,” but develop initiatives, metrics and policies to fully integrate DE&I throughout your organization for years to come.

Walk away with the following details on:

  • Steps for creating sustainable DE&I initiatives  
  • How to develop and interpret metrics of effectiveness for your DE&I efforts
  • Strategies for incorporating DE&I efforts beyond the hiring process


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About the Host

Michelle Lowe

Hailing from Michigan, Michelle Lowe is a retired First Sergeant in the U.S. Army, where she proudly served for over 20 years. Throughout her military career, Lowe earned numerous military accolades. As the current Diversity and Training Officer for Montgomery County Government, she believes that “Diversity is not about black and white—it’s about UNITY. It’s not about putting sugar on a lemon and pretending everything is alright—it is about having uncomfortable conversations in order to move forward.” Lowe has earned two Master’s Degrees from Touro and Liberty Universities, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Saint Leo University.


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