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Upcoming Webinars

  • Future-Proof Your Business: Succession Planning for IRO’s
    Future-proofing your business with a proper succession plan is an essential strategy for the legacy of your organization. August 13
  • Color & Design: Trends Forecast
    There are many key factors shaping the development of the rental housing environment. Learn how social and cultural shifts influence today’s residents and will have a better understanding of what the tenants are seeking for their own living environments. August 18 and August 20
  • Forging a Path Forward to Becoming a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Organization
    People are ready for real action, not only in our homes, but also in our workplaces. Creating equity and fostering diversity and inclusion in company cultures will mean the difference between a company’s new beginning or demise. August 19
  • GART Presents: Crafting a Rental Assistance Program During the COVID-19 Crisis
    Attend the 2020 Government Affairs Roundtable (GART) Virtual Learning Series. During the first session, we will explore how to optimize federal, state and local funding sources and implement a successful rental assistance program. These programs should support both renters and housing providers who rely on these funds equally. August 29
  • Women, Diversity, Growth and Leadership in Rental Housing
    An analysis of 165 equity REITs found that companies with more women on their boards achieved higher average price and total returns than those with no female representation. Creating career advancement strategies is key for women to advance and grow into leadership positions in rental housing. September 9
  • Ritz Carlton Service on a Motel 6 Budget
    Due to unplanned expenses related to COVID-19 and lack of funds from resident collections, owners are forced to reduce budgeted expenses. So how do we continue to provide a great resident experience on a limited or non-existent budget?  September 16
  • Leadership in an Era of Social Turbulence
    Social turbulence is a necessary evil of societal growth. Take the first steps in understanding how social turbulence affects your business and how your organization can be successful through diversity and inclusion. September 17
  • Multicultural in Rental Housing
    With a perpetually changing property management landscape, it is more important than ever to be the first to understand how to navigate the multicultural demographic shift. October 14

Previous Webinars

  • Diversity Equity Inclusion: Implications for Managing Diverse Teams
    In this webinar, Dr. Robert Crouch, will discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion are important guidelines for leaders and rental housing professionals to follow.
  • Short Term Rentals in a Post-Pandemic World
    As we continue to cope with this pandemic, the world continues to evolve with this ever-changing landscape. Join us for the latest innovations in rental housing hospitality, specifically on short-term rentals.
  • 5 Surprising Lockdown Behaviors to Bring Back to the Office
    With lockdown restrictions lifting, it is imperative for all employees to apply the lessons learned while working remotely. This webinar, “Five Surprising Lockdown Behaviors to Bring Back to the Office” will provide employees with a blueprint of efficiency to follow upon their return.
  • Introduction to Apartment Finance
    A commanding knowledge of “value management” enables a property manager to impact the value of the investment and affect the day to day decision making on value. This session will provide you with the tools to understand investment management strategies better than ever before.
  • Candid Conversations on Racism within the Rental Housing Industry
    Take the first steps to understanding and implementing diversity and inclusion programs in your organization. Register today and learn more from other NAA members and a diversity and inclusion specialist.
  • Renters and The Pandemic: An Inside Look at the Resident Experience
    With the ever-changing definition of “business as usual,” insights are critical to build new strategies to attract and retain renters. This webinar uncovers how expectations have changed for renters due to the pandemic. The National Apartment Association will also present recent findings from its monthly owner/operator survey.
  • Organizational Resilience: Building a Culture to Navigate Uncertain Times
    During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for the rental housing industry to bring awareness and best practices for building a resilient organization with a strong culture.