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NALP Exam Blueprint

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Domain/Task Description Number of questions on the exam
Domain I Process And Role 20
Task 1 Evaluate property product, price, people and promotion using available and appropriate resources and tools.  
Task 2 Conduct and evaluate an external assessment of competitive products, prices, people, and promotions.  
Task 3 Monitor internal and external market dynamics including brand and reputation management.  
Task 4 Compile and utilize a personalized and comprehensive community resource tool.  
Task 5 Network with property leadership and representatives of competing organizations to improve property and personal performance.  
Task 6 Model understanding of teamwork and shared accountability.  
Domain II Marketing 14
Task 1 Execute a marking strategy based on identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  
Task 2 Work to achieve marketing goals.  
Task 3 Evaluate the marketing plan’s effectiveness.  
Task 4 Suggest revisions to the marketing strategy as needed.  
Domain III The Sales Function 20
Task 1 Inspect tour routes, vacant and leased homes, and common areas daily.  
Task 2 Establish rapport with current and prospective residents.  
Task 3 Qualify prospective residents in accordance with rental policy.  
Task 4 Articulate how the company and product meet the needs of customers.  
Task 5 Evaluate and address customers’ wants and needs.  
Task 6 Proactively close prospect customers.  
Task 7 Support the transition of the customer from prospect to resident, including follow-up.  
Task 8 Evaluate personal sales performance.  
Domain IV Administrative and Legal Responsibilities 24
Task 1 Apply fair housing and landlord-tenant laws as they affect all housing issues.  
Task 2 Ensure potential residents’ understanding of rental criteria.  
Task 3 Evaluate rental applications in accordance with established screening models and applicable laws.  
Task 4 Prepare lease agreements in accordance with established policy and procedure  
Task 5 Execute lease agreements appropriately.  
Task 6 Report property incidents, maintain documentation, and take corrective action in compliance with applicable law, regulation, and company policy.  
Task 7 Maximize revenue and operational efficiency consistent with property financial goals.  
Domain V Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty 22
Task 1 Offer personalized service to customers.  
Task 2 Interact with customers using empathy and warmth.  
Task 3 Respond to issues that affect resident satisfaction.  
Task 4 Conduct and assist in regular surveys of all customers at all points of service, including proactive handling of brand management.  
Task 5 Create an ongoing sense of community.  
Task 6 Actively participate in the lease renewal processes.