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NAA Leadership Lyceum

It’s time you take charge. The NAA Education Institute is proud to offer world-class leadership training to the apartment industry. This program can help you develop and hone the skills necessary to meet today’s challenges and be an effective leader.

NAA Leadership Lyceum

NAA Leadership Lyceum

This is an exclusive year-long leadership development program for candidates who have been appointed by NAA leaders or selected through a competitive application process.

This program is designed to identify, inform and empower successive waves of National Apartment Association volunteer leaders. Lyceum candidates receive extensive information about the National Apartment Association, from governance to the work of each department to programs and industry issues. They also learn the key responsibilities of association boards and board members along with the attributes of a high functioning board.

1 Year. 30 Candidates. 3 Exciting Sessions.

Selected candidates participate in a wide range of leadership development experiences over the course of one year. 30 candidates are chosen, either by appointment or through a competitive application process. They must be active NAA members and NAA volunteers with NAA Affiliates the state, local, or national level.

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The program content is delivered at three sessions concurrent with the NAA's three major annual conferences. Click the links for dates, locations and other important information.

All selected candidates are responsible for their meeting registrations and all travel expenses.

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For more information, contact Sarah Levine or Kim McCrossen.