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NAAEI Leadership Experience Testimonials

“I would absolutely recommend the NAAEI Leadership Experience to other people because it will definitely grow them as leaders and make them better at their jobs.”

Michelle Baxter, CAPS
Regional Manager
AMLI Residential

“I would absolutely recommend the Dale Carnegie course. It has been very motivational and inspirational. I feel like it has given me some tools to lead better, to be a better coach and to develop my associates so that I’ll see increased productivity.”

Sherry Jordan, CPM
Regional Property Supervisor
LumaCorp, Inc.


“I decided to take this class to help make myself a better leader. I mentor a team of six to eight properties, and this course helped me recognize the areas in which I needed improvement to make me more effective and to empower the people around me.  The Dale Carnegie course helped me to better empower my employees. It made me recognize that there’s more than just my way of doing something and to empower the people around me and to take back their strengths to help me improve on some of my own weaknesses.”

Kendra Majors, NALP
Area Manager
Western Rim Property Services


“I definitely would recommend the Dale Carnegie course to others in the profession because you will learn so much about yourself, how to be an effective leader and how to coach those around you.”

Hollie Lawing, CAPS


Sixty days after completing the NAAEI Leadership Experience, participants meet with their Dale Carnegie facilitator by conference call to discuss how they have implemented what they learned and share the results of this effort. These are actual results reported on a conference call:

  • Previously, I felt everything was much more important and pressing than my weekly meeting with members of my team. I now look at these meetings differently. For the first 10 minutes I try to have a more personal conversation with everyone to catch up on family and personal interests and then dedicate my focus on my agenda.  I also try to schedule a lunch or dinner meeting with the team once a month. I am already seeing results. People are feeling more valued and I am seeing improved productivity.
  • Every year I must establish team goals and challenge my team members to meet these goals. I used to assign goals to the person who had obvious strength in an area. This year I decided to help everyone stretch out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges. My goal is to have a Greater Functioning Team.
  • I am increasing the amount of planned time I spend each day to reduce and avoid the fires I used to always be putting out. I took what I learned about Planned Time, and am now teaching it to my community managers.
  • I took back the information about Planned Time and shared it with the leaders in our organization so they could begin to recognize the impact that their crisis, which could have been averted through proper planning, has on me and others in the organization.
  • I worked on the Trust factor with a manager who had lost trust and no longer felt part of the team. I asked effective questions and I really listened to the answers. I came to realize that this person needs to know why we are doing what we do. The difference in our relationship is like night and day. 
  • I am delegating more tasks and being more strategic about what I delegate and to whom I delegate. I am finding that when people are trusted with more responsibility they demonstrate better performance.
  • I am very results driven and tend to overwhelm my team. I am now more relaxed, setting more realistic milestones and communicating better, yet still challenging the team.
  • I was in charge of an initiative that staff had lost enthusiasm for. It was an “IDEA” contest held among employees. I transferred this program to middle managers to get fresh ideas and generate some excitement for the program. Enthusiasm is flourishing and we are looking at a new program delivered online using Facebook.
  • I have stopped delegating and now I deputize. My team is running with new projects, people have really stepped up and I see renewed trust, respect and credibility.
  • I was fortunate to have a terrific mentor who really helped me grow professionally. What an eye opener this has been for me as I now mentor my team members. They have blossomed and this has changed how our department operates.