Day 1: Wednesday, September 27


1:30 - 2:10 p.m.

Breakout Sessions - Introspective Leadership


Culture Building: The Shadow YOU Cast    

Do you wonder why the people around you behave the way they do? To what degree do your actions influence your organization’s culture? This session will force leaders to examine the leadership shadow they cast and its direct effects on organizational culture. Constructively adapt your leadership skills to "flex your shadow" and get the most out of your team. 


Loraine Witunski, Vice President of Human Resources, WinnCompanies

Maurice Rondeau, Senior Vice President, Learning & Development, WinnCompanies


Your Mind/Your Business: Achieving Personal and Mental Wellness ROI

Showing up as your healthiest self is your brand and your business. When was the last time you practiced self-care? This journey to personal and mental wellness through selfcare and mindfulness will teach you to identify the signs of mental health distress in you (and your team) and resources for a healthier way forward.  


Arianna Royster, Executive Vice President, Borger Management

Chiccorra Connor, President, Occupancy Heroes Incorporated


Accelerate Your Business Through Awareness of Self and Others

Uncover the keys to behavioral dynamics with this glimpse into how different people are motivated, how they process information, think, react, make judgments, assess situations and communicate. Participants will take a brief, 5-minute assessment before the session to have personal results to use as a self-awareness benchmark to form more well-rounded perspectives of those around you. Learn practical tips to address personal bias, overcome misperceptions and identify ways to enhance relationships through more effective communication that will drive productivity.


Ricardo Alicea, CPM, Managing Director, Asset & Property Management, Wendover

Melanie Wood, Talent Optimization Advisor, 

2:20 - 3:00 p.m.

Breakout Sessions - Introspective Leadership


Breaking Bias - How Unidentified Biases Impact Our Organizations

Transformation starts with awareness and empathy.  No matter how accepting we are of differences, biases still creep in, influencing our perceptions, preferences and our decisions. Just like any blind spot, what you don't see could be hurting your organization, specifically the people that work there. Join a safe space conversation that will assist in identifying biases (WE ALL HAVE THEM), hear how others are overcoming their preconceptions and discuss possible changes to policies that will encourage inclusion.


Marci French, CAM, CAPS, VP of Asset Management, HRG Asset Management, LLC


The ROI of Authentic Leadership

Explore the pitfalls of transactional leadership versus authentic leadership and its attendant ROI. In a world where revenue growth is everything, how do we align our authentic selves with our companies’ KPI metrics of performance? Trust, Intentionality and connection lead to a robust culture, positive performance and lower turnover. The benefits of authenticity in the workplace align more with today’s generation and a purpose-driven life. In this session we will formulate a plan—through a fishbowl discussion—for individual authenticity for leaders at all levels.


Wendy Dorchester, Vice President of Operations and Corporate Support, Hawthorne Residential Partners

Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer, Cardinal Group

3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

Breakout Sessions - Team Leadership


From Functional to Enterprise Leadership: Strategic Thinking and Organizational Awareness

As one moves up through the company ranks, responsibilities and roles grow along with interaction with colleagues at all levels of the organization and all levels of expertise – from interns to senior management. Even the most vertically integrated organizations have silos that must balance competing needs, personalities and time constraints while simultaneously allowing for collaboration, transparency and progress. To move from a solely functional role to an enterprise leader takes an awareness of the expansive parts of the organization while moving the enterprise forward to achieve the organization’s goals. 


Ian Mattingly, President, Luma Residential


Communication Playbook: The Art of Commanding Attention in an Age of Distraction

It has never been harder to capture people's attention: Organizations and leaders are competing with world class platforms, exhausted workforces and more. Your ability to effectively communicate with your teams is paramount to your personal and professional growth. This session will challenge the norms of effective communications and empower you with quickly implementable playbook, including communication templates, knowledge-building strategies, tools for leaders to build belonging, examples of best practices and more. 


Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer, Cardinal Group

Day 2: Thursday, September 28


9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Breakfast with two TED-style talks - Industry Perspective


Replenishing the Staffing Pool: Hiring from Outside the Industry        

Your strongest onsite team member accepted a position with the competition; however, none of your applicants have prior multifamily experience. What do you do? A maintenance leader discusses the benefits of hiring from outside the industry, the resources needed for new talent to succeed and the consequence of only hiring candidates with prior multifamily experience. As the need for industry professionals continues to grow, we can no longer rely on past experience to fill the roles. We must cultivate new talent to keep up with demand.


Alex Watts, CAPS, CAMT, Director of Regional Maintenance, Greystar


Call to Action: Refreshing Our Industry Image

Much of the recent government attempts to implement rent control and other adverse measures are tied to our industry’s negative image. This maligned perception in large part is tied to past transgressions and a small minority of current “bad apples” who employ discriminatory practices, predatory pricing, and substandard property conditions. An overwhelming majority of NAA members do it right – maintain quality apartments, embrace fair housing, maximize health and safety, and are attributes to the communities they serve. How do we orchestrate an image makeover?


Daryl Carter, Chairman and CEO, Avanath Capital Management

Carly Stevenson, Executive Vice President, Property Management, Avanath

10:15 - 10:55 a.m.

Breakout Sessions - Enterprise Leadership


Increase Organizational Impact by Leveraging Influence

Often, a leader and team are experts in their field with solid contributions to the business; however, there is limited impact outside that one business or discipline. The leadership challenge then becomes how to positively affect needs outside that functional area to grow into a next-level leader. Influencing cross-departmentally and managing up are just a few ways of expanding your leadership and your team’s impact across the organization. If your company could work more collaboratively, or you are at a point in your career where making a broader impact on your organization is a goal, this session focused on effectively influencing at all levels to create the transformations that stick is for you. 


Steven Fretwell, Senior Vice President, Learning & Leadership, Bozzuto

Pam Jones, Principal, Crescendo, LLC

Girish Gehani, COO, Triology Real Estate Group


Talent: The Largest Variable In Your P&L Statement 

Eighty percent of a company’s challenge is people related. Most issues leadership teams face daily involve attitudes, motivations, decisions and actions of others. This means your most important resource—people—may also be the largest variable in your P&L statement. As Jim Collins said in “Good to Great,” great companies get "the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats." While all that sounds straightforward, getting these results requires insights into the inner workings of all these stakeholders along with the ability to accurately predict and influence their responses. Hear from different PMCs utilizing people assessment tools to impact behavior, ignite enthusiasm and align business strategy with talent strategy.


Jessica Eberbach, Assistant Vice President, Culture, City Club Apartments

Allison Moledo, VP of Learning and Development, Grand Peaks

Patrick Fulcher, Vice President of HR, Klingbeil Capital

11:10 - Noon

Breakout Sessions - Enterprise Leadership


Leading Change Within Your Organization

As real estate organizations adapt to new realities, often, dramatic changes need to be made that will affect all stakeholders. Implementing change initiatives requires a special set of skills. Transformation efforts within an organization require both leadership and management—fundamentally different but equally valuable skills. This session will explore how a senior-level real estate professional can lead change initiatives and create an agile organization that can thrive and grow in an increasingly fast-moving world.


Alexandra Jackiw, CPM, CAPS, C3P, COO, Argenta Property Management Group

1:10 -1:50 p.m.

Breakout Sessions - Enterprise Leadership


Retention Strategies: We Thought We Were Done!    

Remember last year when, as an industry, we faced the payroll compression and payroll equity challenge? While we may have thought we were done with this challenge, as unemployment remains at 20-year record lows… here we go again. We all face the choice of paying more to existing team members or hiring from the outside (and paying more!). Then, we must level up the pay for our existing team. In this session, hear from leaders who have addressed this challenge, the measures they’ve and then as a group, collaborate for more solutions.

Details on a second session option will be available soon.


Jamin Harkness, CAM, CAPS, President, The Life Properties

Melissa White, CAM, CAPS, Managing Director, Perennial Properties

2:00 - 2:40 p.m.

Breakout Sessions - Enterprise Leadership


A Leader’s Blueprint for Creating and Communicating a Compelling Vision   

The 2021 “Trends in Executive Development” report ranked strategic thinking and leading change as the top two competencies lacking in the next generation of leaders, with these essential skills supporting the ability to create a compelling vision and culture. We’ll identify the obstacles to leading with vision, understand the importance of storytelling in casting vision and explore a six-step blueprint for creating a vision to inspire, motivate and unify your team.


Amy Wise, Partner, The Bella Group

Marko Hurley, Owner, Highland Commercial Properties

Tina Mortera, VP of Business, Development, West Coast, Bozzuto


Leveraging Neurodivergent Abilities to Accelerate Your Enterprise’s Business Results

As leaders in our organizations, it's our responsibility to not just understand, but actively champion an environment where differences are valued, celebrated, and leveraged to drive exceptional business results. Embracing neurodiversity and fostering a neuro-inclusive culture is an often missed opportunity for unlocking the full potential of your organization. Explore the multifaceted dimensions of neurodiversity through group discussion designed to identify strategies leaders can use to create thriving teams and improve workforce productivity.


Tanya Foster, Vice President of Human Resources Transformation, Equity Residential