Creating an Individual Account

Please visit and select My Account

Once you select My Account, click “Forgot password or need to create an account?"

Click “Create an account” and fill in all information required.

Once the account is created, you will be redirected to update your contact information.  Congratulations, you’ve now created an account with the National Apartment Association. 

Take it a step further.  Do you need to link your account to a company?  If you want to take advantage of member benefits such as discounted rates for Apartmentalize, NAAEI courses, please link your account to a company by adding your affiliation.

You are now logged into your account, click “My Profile” and then

Search for your company by using the account name field

Once you have found your company in the search results, select Add Affiliation

If your company is not found, you can “Create a New Company”

You are now linked to your company