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How Do You Make Your Apartment Community Stand Out?

Proper branding of apartment communities can be the key to distinguishing properties within their markets.

With more apartments coming online each day, it’s important to find new and creative ways to make sure your particular property stands out and remains competitive. That’s where good branding comes in handy.

Branding may differ based on the class of apartment community. For example, Class A lease-ups may emphasize design-centric branding, while value-add properties may focus more on customer service. Online presence is critical, especially for new properties, as is fresh design — be it a new coat of paint or a nature-inspired theme.

Important for all properties, though, is a community experience — whether it’s tying your property to the local community or creating a micro-community among residents. The key to creating a tight-knit resident group is to ask them what they want, whether it’s sports teams or clubs for watching TV shows. These social interactions help generate more friendships, which make it statistically more likely that residents will renew their leases.