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Today’s 5 Most Popular Kitchen Sinks

The sink is a critical kitchen component, but it has also become an important design element. After all, the sink is a natural focal point of the space. 

Here are five sink styles that are making their way into more kitchens:

1. Vessel/Basin. These sinks sit on top of or partially under the countertop, making it more of a design centerpiece. They often come in nontraditional materials, such as natural stone or glass.

2. Prep/Entertainment. Having a second, smaller sink in the kitchen can be a plus, especially when hosting a group. Use it as a bar sink, a second prep station or a handy place to wash up before a meal.

3. Farmhouse/Apron. These deep rectangular sinks are often white porcelain or enamel. Faucets and other hardware are installed on the countertop because these sinks don’t have a deck.

4. Trough. Longer and narrower than traditional sinks, and often fitted with multiple faucets and drains, these sinks can better accommodate multiple cooks in the kitchen. 

5. Seamless. When your countertop turns into your sink, there’s no crevice where the sink and the countertop meet — a place that is hard to keep clean.