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Bringing the Best Mix of Style and Features to Apartment Communities through Partnership

Moen offers kitchen sinks, faucets, bath accessories and showering options that come in a variety of styles to help meet the many needs of multifamily communities of all types – and valuable brand partnerships to help properties discover the best possible solutions.


When Sandy Rakar works with her customers, she has a consultative relationship, she wants to understand their overall objectives for a multi-family project, so that she can recommend the right products, whether faucets, sinks or bath accessories, to meet their design needs and goals.   

“When it comes to the products, it varies by customer, and their overall objective: What is the design intent, the unit type, style and the budget?” says Rakar, Moen senior strategic account manager for multi-family markets in Florida and the Midwest. “We have a partnership with our customers, a relationship that touches the total value beyond just the products.”

Rakar understands that each market will have different needs; she provides her customers with value added insights on the economic and demographic trends, as well as specified region and market product trends.  “We strive to have a true partnership with our customers, we understand the need to be flexible and present solutions,” Rakar says. “We want to be their category expert.”

A Single Source for All Property Needs

Moen offers a number of kitchen and bath products including kitchen sinks, faucets, bath accessories and showering options at a variety of price points that help meet the many, multi-faceted needs of multi-family communities of all classifications — from the highest of the high end to affordable housing, and everything in between.  The brand also offers products specifically designed for the multi-family market with their CFG line of products and can provide commercial-grade plumbing fixtures for community amenity spaces.

“What I’ve heard from our partners is that they see a real benefit in having one touch point for insight and expertise on multiple products in their building,” Nick Keiser, Moen senior strategic account manager for multi-family markets in the Northeast. “Many of our multi-family partners do have a mixed portfolio of product. It gives them peace of mind that they have the benefit to work with one partner to supply all those needs.”

One of the biggest opportunities Moen customers have when selecting product is the opportunity to standardize and maintain a single brand across multiple property locations. “It also allows the property owners to centralize their purchasing of items such as kitchen sinks and faucets,” added Keiser.

Utilizing a single source also streamlines things on the service side by having one point of contact for multiple product needs in each room, making it easier for property managers to obtain replacement parts or products, should they ever be needed.

Best Cost over the Long Term

Of course, cost is always important in any multi-family housing procurement process. Rakar and Keiser emphasize the total cost of ownership with Moen products.

“It goes way beyond just the material costs,” Keiser says. “Maintenance, installation, repair and replacement costs (both parts and labor) are a big part of this – the life cycle cost.”

Every multi-family owner or operator is trying to keep maintenance costs low. Moen products help this cause through their use of common parts to help reduce repair time and costs: One engine, or cartridge, fits many different faucet platforms.

The internal parts are consistent across all faucet types. “So, if you have a one-handle kitchen faucet and a one-handle lavatory faucet in a unit, and across all your properties, they all have the same internal parts,” Rakar says. “And fewer parts would be required to have on hand.”

From an installation perspective, many of Moen’s products offer time-saving innovations such as the Duralock Quick-Connect installation system in the kitchen and the M-Pact common valve system in the bath.  Both allow for quick, secure and hassle-free installation and replacement that can dramatically increase maintenance efficiencies.

Keiser also points out that Moen’s M-Pact system is a real benefit to owners who want to reposition a property, say from a Class C to a Class B. “M-Pact allows the owner to change out the trim from the front without having to change out the valves in the wall. It reduces their material and labor costs significantly when they upgrade those units, because they just need to put a new ‘hat’ on it.”

Moen account managers also help their customers when they need to value-engineer a project. Rakar points out that many residents are choosing to rent, and are demanding more style and features. We can help meet the renter’s wish list by recommending faucet options at varying price points, to meet the project’s budget without compromising on design.

“We strive to understand upfront if our customers require varying specifications in the event they will need to value engineer a project.  If they do need to value engineer, here are the Moen products that meet those requirements,” Rakar says. “You want high-end style, thoughtful design, innovation and functionality. You want your residents to have a great experience with your units.”

Both Rakar and Keiser note that Moen has recently developed more modern-looking product lines, such as the Via and Rizon bathroom collections for Class A and Edgestone for the kitchen and bath in Moen’s CFG brand for the other classes, to provide the clean, sleek styling both designers and end-users desire.

“We aspire to achieve that consultative relationship with our customers/partners,” Rakar says. “We want to help them attain their goals, whether it is style, price, product, we help them meet their design intent and budets with the right mix of product.”