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CAS Knowledge Check: Part 1

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CAS Basics

1. What information do you need in order to complete a financial analysis on a property?

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Over 1/3

2. When doing an financial analysis, why do you need to identify the GPR first?

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All other income & expenses are measured and evaluated as a percentage of GPR

3. What are the three primary types of income you will look for/calculate?

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  • Effective Gross Income (EGI)
  • Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Cash Flow (CF)

4. What is a Chart of Accounts?

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A list of accounts to which revenue and expenses are posted and show up on the General Ledger

5. What is used to generate an Income Statement?

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Entries in the General Ledger

6. List some benefits of minimizing financial loss.

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  • Increases the financial success of a property
  • Improves property performance
  • Makes your job easier

7. What are the main types of financial loss you should work to prevent?

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  • Vacancy loss
  • Offline and nonrevenue units
  • Bad debt
  • Concessions and discounts

8. During the rent collection process, what things should you consider before occupancy?

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  • The screening process
  • Rent collection policy
  • Inclusion of the policy in the lease, orientation materials, etc.

9. During the rent collection process, what is the purpose of resident communication efforts?

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To facilitate the rent collection process

10. Why would you want to create a buffer for rent collection?

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  • To help you remain on good terms with residents
  • To ensure timely and complete payments

Managing Expenses

11. What are some characteristics of Variable Expenses?

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  • Vary as conditions change
  • Many are associated with occupancy

12. What are Capital Expenses?

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Costs for large improvements that have an economic useful life beyond one year

13. Describe a Cost Benefit Analysis.

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Process of weighing a potential expense against a potential benefit


14. What is the most important thing to keep in mind when developing a budget?

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The owner’s property objectives and investment goals

15. What are the steps to the budget development process?

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  • Identify goals
  • Gather Information
  • Assign numerical values

16. When would you develop Rehab or Renovation budget?

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When a property is being rehabbed or undergoing retrofitting/modernization

17. What are the three tips to developing budgets covered today?

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  • Be prepared
  • Use historical numbers
  • Seek input

Managing Budgets

18. What is Extrapolation/Annualization?

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Estimating future information by extending known information

19. How do you analyze variances?

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  • Compare budget to actual numbers
  • Look at events on the property or in your submarket or region

20. Are increased expenses favorable or unfavorable variances?

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Unfavorable expenses

21. Once you’ve analyzed and can explain variances, what should you do next?

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Determine what, if any, action to take.

Performance Measurement

22. What is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment?

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Return; the financial benefit

23. What is the purpose of measuring performance?

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Shows if goals are met and drives investment decisions

24. If a down payment is $200,000 and the cash flow generated is $20,000, what is the Cash-on-Cash Return?

25. Does a lower cap rate indicate lower or higher value?

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Higher value

26. What type of property valuation approach would you use if there are several similar properties in the area that have recently sold?

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Sales Comparison Approach

27. If you increase the NOI by $24,000 and the cap rate is 6%, how much value are you adding to the property?

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Perform a Property Evaluation

28. What attributes affect the value of a property?

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  • Supply and Demand
  • Highest and Best Use
  • External Influences

29. What determines Cap Rates?

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The market and quality of the property; can be as low as 5% and as high as 12%.

Resident Rights

30. When entering an apartment unit, how can you limit liability?

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Strictly follow your right of entry policies

31. You may enter an apartment unit without notice in case of emergency. List some emergency examples.

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  • Smoke pouring out of windows
  • Water leaking out of unit
  • Gunshots
  • Screaming
  • Smell of gas

32. What are some reasons law enforcement or government officials may want entry to an apartment unit?

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  • Random building inspection
  • Suspected safety or health violation
  • Serving an arrest warrant
  • The pursuit of fleeing criminals

33. Regarding satellite dishes and TV antennas, what has the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled?

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Apartment residents may not be unreasonably restricted from installing an individual satellite dish or antenna

Resident Safety

34. What is negligence?

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An unreasonable response to a foreseeable risk

35. When preventing danger, what should you encourage residents to do?

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  • Understand personal responsibility for safety
  • Inform management of dangerous situations

36. What are your disclosure responsibilities regarding a tenant who has a sex offense conviction?

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It depends on the specific state regulations; seek legal counsel

37. If a resident is injured through criminal activity, can they sue the apartment manager? Why or why not?

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Yes; you can be liable if you acted unreasonably in the face of foreseeable risk

38. What is Megan’s Law?

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A law requiring authorities to notify communities of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders

39. What does that Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act require?

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All public pools and spas MUST use anti-entrapment devices

Contractor Agreements

40. When should you hire a contractor?

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  • Your normal staff cannot do the task
  • It is more cost effective
  • You need required documentation

41. Can your property be held liable for the actions of a contractor?

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Yes; legally, contractors may be viewed as extensions of the property management team

42. What are the four Bid Process Elements?

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  • Performance Security
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Awarding a Bid
  • Bidder Disqualification

43. In which section of a contract is the type of work that will be performed and the time frame for the work?

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Scope of Work

44. What is performance security?

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A form of security deposit that ensures the successful bidder will perform according to all contract requirements

45. What should be included in a bid invitation?

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  • The specifications for the procurement
  • Terms and conditions
  • Specifications defining goods or services
  • Formally numbered specifications

46. What is a lien waiver?

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A signed and notarized document that waives all claims against the property or the management company

47. What releases one party from liability for claims asserted by another party?

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General Waiver of Release

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