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Maximize: 2014 Multifamily Asset Management Conference Sessions

Monday, October 13, 2014


3 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Unraveling the Hidden Costs and Usage of Utilities

Utility management is like a world of spy craft—layers within layers, wrapped inside mysteries and punctuated by riddles. 

As major users of electric, water, sewage, telecom and energy, multifamily housing customers pay a host of opaque fees for a variety of services. Our experts will provide a strategic overview of the major considerations involved in understanding the costs and benefits of utility services, how to evaluate and benchmark costs and how to bid and negotiate cost levels that make sense.

Presenters: Ron Reed, CEO, NWP; Rhonda Kreitz, President, Energy Advisory Service; Kimberly Mitchell, Associate Professor and Program Director, Property Management Program, Drexel University
Moderated by: Lauren Curley, Marketing Director, Landmark Property Services

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Integrating Marketing, Revenue Management and Customer Analytics

The emerging field of business intelligence shows great promise within multifamily for helping operators find ways to market and sell more effectively in a variety of ways. 

Unifying marketing and revenue management practices gives owners the potential to understand the nuances of demand, as well as how to generate more demand that can be converted at a higher price. 

Customer knowledge and segmentation-including social media tools-can provide simple, clear areas where operators can better understand today's buying process and how to create a great buying experience that makes it easier to rent at communities using better data.

Presenters: Devin Merrill, Vice President, Revenue Management, Property Solutions; Josh McDonald, Director of Marketing, Holland Partner Group; Bryan Pierce, Director of Revenue Management, Holland Residential, LLC
Moderated by: Elaine Williams, Owner and President, Elaine Williams Consulting

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4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Top Ten Areas for Managing Expenses

Everyone has a favorite area to try and manage costs. This session will move beyond listing areas of focus, and look at some of the more complex, involved strategies for expense management that move the bottom line. Our experts will factor in time, hours, change management and financial impact in evaluating the biggest lift that asset managers can provide in the course of a multi-year holding period. Attendees will leave with clarity about future initiatives that make sense for their portfolio.

Presenters: Hugh Cobb, CPM, Chief Operating Officer, Capstone Real Estate Services; Melanie French, CPM, SPHR, COS and Master Trainer DDI, Executive Vice President, Cortland Partners; Charles Moran, CPM, NAHP-e, C4P, Vice President, Vesta Corporation
Moderated by: Lauren Curley, Marketing Director, Landmark Property Services

Incremental and Ancillary Revenue Strategies

Multifamily rentals are a fixed supply business. Ancillary income opens up the revenue frontier and can make a tough acquisition feasible, or a marginal investment profitable. Over the years, companies have tested everything from ret ail to concierge services to amenity programs to increase the possible NOI from an existing asset. Presenters will discuss the state of the art, the new revenue opportunities that may work in your portfolio and the things that haven’t panned out as expected. Attendees are encouraged to join the discussion with their own ideas and experiences.

Presenters: Mark Vernon, CPM, Vice President, Bell Partners and Kevin Huss, Director of Revenue Management, Harbor Group
Moderated by: Elizabeth Karl, Director of Asset Management, Bonaventure Realty Group

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

New Companies and Services that Add Asset Value 

Keeping up is hard to do:  A new class of entrepreneurs from inside the industry is shaking up everything we know about operations and information management.  We'll highlight some of the most exciting developments in a fast-paced competition in which companies make their pitch and allow our judges to decide which have the potential to most positively affect multifamily housing investments.

Presenter: Daniel Cunningham, CEO, Leonardo 24-7; Joseph Westlake, CEO, SightPlan; Dom Beveridge, Executive Vice President, MDX; Richard A. Levitan, President, Neighborhood Pay Services; Tim Manson, CEO, Property Connect
Moderated by: Martha Carlin, CEO, Amazigh, Inc.

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10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

New Methods and Resources in Operational Benchmarking

What do you benchmark and what is its relevance to financial performance? Total return and relative performance are the measurement tools of the rental housing sector. 

Yet data is hard to gather, fresh data is harder still and efforts to benchmark operational performance-internally and externally-can be difficult when the comparisons are made across management companies, operating systems and different kinds of communities. This session will dive into recent advances in evaluating the relative performance across communities and the key performance indicators that matter.

Presenters: Melanie Morrison, CPM, Principal, MEB Management Services; Mark Mahoney, Vice President, Asset Management, Dominium Development and Acquisitions, LLC; Dom Beveridge, Executive Vice President, MDX
Moderated by: John Njoku, CEO, Kwelia

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Alternative Debt Financing Options

As the most-costly factor input into commercial real estate, mastering low-cost debt is a strategic differentiator.  Yet, with seemingly everyone having access to agency debt at the same terms on the same execution cycle, debt can be a bit of a commodity for the asset you expect to hold for five to seven years. This session will feature experts discussing hybrid debt options and lenders that focus on unusual propositions.

Presenters: Todd Trehubenko, Senior Vice President, Multifamily Finance, Walker & Dunlop and Chris Tokarski, Principal, Coastal Capital Partners

Moderated by: Phil Rachels, Senior Vice President, Debt and Structured Finance; CBRE

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2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Revenue Management Best Practices

With perhaps two-thirds of the institutionally-operated apartment world using some form of automated pricing, or, “Revenue Management”,-the word is out. Yet for entrepreneurial sponsors, family-office investors and smaller management companies, revenue management is a practice both hard to understand and feared. This session will provide fast-paced series of best practices in implementing, managing and confidently maximizing revenue within a pricing optimization initiative.

Presenters: Tim Reardon, Revenue Manager, Bridge Property Management; Mary Herrold, VP of Marketing and Business Development, JVM Realty; Rajiv Verma, Senior Director, Revenue Management, AvalonBay Communities Inc.
Moderate by: Annie Laurie McCulloh, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Rainmaker LRO

Getting to Zero: The Implications of Case Study in Reducing Net Energy Usage to Zero 

DPR Construction is the Redwood City, CA-based construction giant behind some of the largest Silicon Valley corporate campuses, as well as other high-profile cutting-edge built environments. Their own newly renovated office building in San Francisco’s Financial District breaks new ground by targeting Zero Net Energy and producing an electric bill of - zero. Although not yet feasible in multifamily, this presentation is a thought-provoking look at the direction green building can go, and will highlight some of the remaining obstacles to achieving net zero energy in multifamily.

Presenter: Ted van der Linden, Director of Sustainability, DPR Construction

Moderated by: Terry Danner, CEO, Riverstone Residential Group

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3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Untapped Potential in Basic CRM Practices

Hotels, Realtors and top multifamily housing operators all track their customer interactions in Customer Relationship Management systems. These systems are used as the backbone of great customer service, as well as great service to the associates who run the properties. 

The revolution extends to multifamily housing in ways that most owners don't yet fully appreciate. Session presenters will outline some cases studies in the uses of systems in well-run multifamily portfolios and the attendant financial impact.

Presenters: Janine M Lind, CAM, NAHP-e, Executive Vice President, Edgewood Management and Todd Katler, CEO, Anyone Home; and Blerim Zeqiri, Vice President of Asset Management, Alliance Residential Company
Moderated by: Dirk Wakeham, Managing Director, Westlake Ventures

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Focusing on Water and Waste

Waste management and water strategies are two areas in which most of us have no experience and no data. Those who have the data consistently show strategies that can add value to a portfolio, from monitoring and measuring their usage to billing and contracted rates. Hard and soft technologies can deliver big savings to a portfolio, especially one with many different asset managers working in different silos.

Presenters: Marc Savas, President, Refuse Specialists and Chuck Crosby, Vice President, National Exemption Service
Moderated by: Mark Van Tillburg, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Realty Management, L.P.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Data Analytics Strategies-Where and When Big Data Matters

What financial relevance does the concept of “big data” (or “little data”) have for operators of multifamily proper ties? Presenters will address the potential value of information discovery strategies that are relevant to multifamily portfolio owners, and the immediate future of this type of discovery. This session will move on from the success stories of revenue management to look at data discovery about other parts of the enterprise, as well as integrating extern al data to derive greater understanding into what creates incremental property NOI.

Presenters: Dan Teague, Director of Business Development, WegoWISE; Eian Counts, Vice President of Product Strategy, Rainmaker LRO
Moderated by: Elaine Williams, Owner and President, Elaine Williams Consulting

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NOI-Enhancing Green Strategies in Rehabs and New Development

"Green" is the most over-used and under-appreciated word in multifamily housing investments today. 

On the high end, conventional wisdom says that residents won't pay extra to "live green." Yet those same residents pay a hefty premium for organic produce at Whole Foods. 

On the low end, green initiatives produce utility savings that provide residents with additional monthly income and comfort in paying their rent. This session will focus narrowly on product and process changes that can be marketed as green and unambiguously deliver net operating income in savings and new revenue.

Presenter: Curt Mann, Executive Member, BluTrend and Julie Roby, Director of Residential Energy Solutions, greeNEWit
Moderated by: Jim Kjolhede, CPM, CAPS, Principal, Satteron Enterprises

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10:45 a.m. - Noon

Cutting Edge Amenities in New Developments: Gold or Pixie Dust

After acquisitions, the other big asset management challenge is planning a great build-out on a new development. Earning top of the market rents means creating the right living experience with the right amenities. Our seasoned presenters will deliver some of the lifestyle experience elements and amenities that are driving these top rents, and to outline some of the things that no longer make the cut as differentiators.  

Presentations to touch on rent-driving planning for things such as: 

  • Built-in amenities  
  • Common area experience and its sustainability 
  • Design elements
  • Services provided
  • Technology for residents and rental transactions
  • Community activities and outings
  • Car amenities

Each of the panelists has deep experience with class A properties and with making the optimistic vision into a financial reality. My hope would be to have a great, pointed conversation about how to design very attractive resident experiences while knowing that the investment will pay off, without creating unintended operational complexity. 

Presenters: Ken Veltri, Senior Vice President, AMLi Residential; Sue Vickery, Managing Director, Trammell Crow; Cindy Park, Senior Vice President, Prado Group
Moderated by: Jim Kjolhede, CPM, CAPS, Principal, Satteron Enterprises

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Schedule and sessions subject to change


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