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Advocacy Education Sessions

New in 2015! More Advocacy Education Sessions Than Ever Before!

Read Between the Lines: Media Relations 101
Developing a strong relationship with local news media is a key component of NAA members’ legislative efforts on behalf of the industry. NAA Manager of Public Relations Lauren Boston will share tips on pitching stories of interest to the media, writing news releases, establishing a rapport with reporters and giving interviews. A D.C.-based local news reporter will also share what the media looks for when covering local stories.

How to Hug a Porcupine: Relationship Building with Lawmakers and Why It’s Important
Trying to build relationships with elected officials can feel “prickly” — like hugging a porcupine. Congressional Management Foundation President and CEO Brad Fitch and Vice President Susie Gorden will help participants overcome that discomfort, revealing the concrete methods and benefits for building relationships with elected officials.

Effective Congressional Staff Communication
Building your industry and personal brand on Capitol Hill does not stop with members of Congress — that’s merely the start. Hear directly from a chief of staff, a legislative director and a scheduler on how to make the most of your trip to the Hill. From scheduling the meeting, in-meeting tips, and most importantly, the follow up, get the inside scoop from Congressional staffers on how to effectively communicate and get results.

Let’s Get Digital: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Understand how to get your advocacy message across the digital sphere without blowing your entire budget. In this session with NAA Manager of Communications Frank Mauck and NAA Manager of Digital Content Mary Scott, learn about the power of social media and the importance of a digital communications strategy.

Put on Your Sales Hat to Solicit for PAC
Asking for money can feel uncomfortable, especially if it’s for a Political Action Committee (PAC). Aristotle’s Vice President of PAC and Grassroots Development, Gio Van Remortel and Apartment Finder’s Vice President of Sales East, Michelle M. Childers, CAS will help NAA members become more comfortable soliciting their peers and talking about the PAC. Participants will learn the elements of a sales pitch and how to incorporate those elements when soliciting contributions.

10 Strategies for Becoming a Super Advocate
This interactive exercise is designed for advanced grassroots advocates willing to commit to multiple interactions with their lawmakers on an annual basis. Congressional Management Foundation President and CEO Brad Fitch and Vice President Susie Gorden will identify 10 strategies for becoming a “super-advocate,” and conduct an exercise where participants will build their own personal advocacy strategies. Attendees take away a tangible and effective action plan ready for immediate implementation.