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Wednesday, June 26

Living Room Learning

Grab a seat and get ready to learn at this conference launching event that features an eclectic array of topics from passionate industry players. Each rental housing geek, technician or innovator hops up on the soapbox, armed with 20 slides that advance automatically every 20 seconds, getting to the point, fast! Join us for some humor, entertainment and passionate storytelling. See below for the eight speakers and their topics. 

Apartmetnalize Living Room Learning:  Heather BlumeDon’t Judge a Dog ‘Til You Hear Its Tale

Heather Blume, Imagination in Charge, Behind the Leasing Desk Training and Consulting Services


Apartmentalize Living Room Learning: Jessica FernRise and Fail 

Jessica Fern, Director of Training and Development, FPI Management


Apartmetnalize Living Room Learning:  James BurnessElectric Cars Are Charging Up Rental Housing

James Burness, CEO & Founder, National Car Charging


Apartmentalize Living Room Learning: Jason StoughtonTerminate the Turnover: 5 Keys to Creating a Leadership Culture

Jason Stoughton, National Account Executive, BG Multifamily


Apartmentalize Living Room Learning: Martin CancholaVoice Search: Are You Ready for the Shift in Search?

Martin Canchola, CTO and Co-founder, Apartment SEO, LLC


Living Room Learning: Ivy ChristmanStop, Collaborate & Listen: HR Tactics Promoting Drive & Ambition

Ivy Christman, Chief Operating Officer, Quest Management Group


Living Room Learning: Lia Nichole SmithPersonal Brand Management: The Retention Tool No One Is Talking About

Lia Nichole Smith, Vice President of Education and Performance, SatisFacts and ApartmentRatings


Living Room Learning: Melissa JoyCulture of Kindness: Renting Apartments & Taking Care of People

Melissa Joy, Vice President, Village Green


Living Room Learning Moderator: Steve WunchSteve Wunch, MODERATOR

Senior Director – Education & Training, Echelon Property Group


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