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Friday, June 28

10 Tips to Quickly and Efficiently Handle Your People Issues
Human Resources
Operations is about finding the flow with people and work. HR teams might be 1,000 miles away and you are left to guide managers, assistant managers, leasing, maintenance and more. Given this environment, simple actions yield powerful results for management success and reducing liability. Join an interactive discussion of a powerful set of HR basics that will give you better insight into quickly and efficiently handling your people issues.
Learning Objectives:
  • Assess any areas of the HR space for which they need additional guidance.
  • Understand the basics of when to contact and partner with the company's HR team.
  • Understand a few legal areas of employment law that lead to the most consternation in the supervisor-employee relationship.


Steve Matre
Job Title: 
Head of HR and Training
Banner Property Management, LLC
Melissa Morris
Job Title: 
Director of Human Resources
The Dolben Company
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