Hey There, Marketing Maven!

Apartment MarketingWe created a special profile just for you that helped you navigate through Apartmentalize. We know that you're an outgoing, cool-hunting marketing and sales professional. Whether you couldn't make it to this year's event, or didn't have time to attend every session, we kept you in mind with some need-to-know takeaways for a future-minded and data-driven person like you!  

Here are our key takeaways:  

  • Creating Real Brand Value Propositions: Not Just Another Marketing Gimmick

A value proposition must differentiate you from competitors – pick 2-4 things that will help you stand out and make it clear that you are better.

  • WTH Makes a Solid SEO Strategy? Conquer Your FOMO ASAP!

With a Google My Business account you can add photos, contact info, Google posts (special offers), ratings/reviews, and Q&A. If you haven’t already claimed yours for your company, do it now.

  • Please Don’t Go: Long-Term Resident Retention

Anticipation can be used with residents to tease and create excitement; tempt with something to look forward to and with offering of limited-time treats.

  • Sales and Marketing to Get Past Ghosting 

The four simple reasons a resident may ghost you are: timing, it doesn’t fit, they are working with a competitor or you’ve made a mistake